Great Ideas Come From Where? 5 Tips for Brainstormers


Do you sometimes ask yourself, how did not I come up with that solution? How do people come up with so many brilliant yet straightforward ideas? Whether you are an entrepreneur trying to start a company or you are just trying to come up with a solution to solve a problem, you will quickly realize, good ideas do not just fall from the sky. Unless you are Isac Newton. There are no ways to force an idea, and usually, the best ones come when you are not even trying them. So for starters, that tells us something, we cannot force our creativity. But what happens when you do not have enough time just to chill and wait around until something brilliant comes to your mind? Here are some tips that a lot of professionals and entrepreneurs use when their mind is stuck.

1All Good Ideas Come From Bad Ones?

What to do when you cannot come up with anything good enough? Stop thinking? No, produce bad ideas, keep them pouring. It is a way to exercise your skills, whether visual, written or business. Because coming up with bad ideas is still better than not having any ideas at all. It is a way to train your brain. When you have something, and you are aware of the reasons that make it so bad, you are developing your critical opinion, and eventually, you will be able to learn from your mistakes. If you know what is wrong, you will easily figure out what is good.

2Where to Seek Inspiration? Everywhere

Inspiration is everywhere around us. It all depends on whether we are present enough to detect it. Whether it is visual or audio, when something triggers you, you will know. The key is to be flexible, open to everything because you never know what the final result may be. Inspiration can be found in everything. It can come from a meaningless conversation with your neighbor, from furniture, or while scrolling through some custom metal art work at This is especially important if you have a job that is not so creative, or it is a typical 9 to 5 office job. Go out, take a walk, ask for someone’s opinion.

3Think Like a?

Like a pro? Nah, think like a child. Why? Because their mind is like a huge playground. They are capable of constantly coming up with new ideas, every more unbelievable than the previous one. But each of them is genius in its own way. Let your mind wander and combine what seems incompatible at first. That is what kids do. Try it, and see where it will take you. Woke up your curiosity, try observing things from a different perspective, from a child’s point of view, and dare to be as bold as they are.

4Stop Waiting for the Right Moment

If you are always waiting for something to happen, for a sign, or ideal time and place, it is never going to happen. Because guess what, there are no right moments until you create them. It is never going to be a great time to start something new because all new beginnings are scary. They are unpredictable, expensive, risky, and a lot of time, they end up as failures. But after you fail once, twice, or even more times, you will return stronger and more prepared every next time, and one of them is certainly going to lead you to success. Sometimes you just have to start without overthinking it too much or stressing about it. With every failure, you are one step closer to your goal.

5Listen to Yourself?

A lot of times, when creating something that is meant to be used by other people, we tend to stress too much about other people’s needs and thoughts. But sometimes, the best is to rely on ourselves and our own needs and experience. Think about the things that bother you, what your problems are, and how you would solve them. Once you manage to answer that question, you have to “sell it” to the others, and convince them your way is the right way, which sounds harder than it is actually. The majority of people are so-called followers. They do not come up with ideas and solutions, they wait for someone else to try and do it first, and if it works, they will do it too. So, listen to yourself more.

The Bottom Line

Great ideas do not fall from the sky, right? Then start working on them. We are sure that even before the famous apple fell down from the tree, Newton was thinking about gravity. He just needed that spark to lighten his mind and trigger an idea that would change everything. Perhaps your next brainstorming session should be in a park, below a tree, but the chances of history repeating are small, so better follow some of our tips, they work much faster.


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