Five Ways to Make Your Commute to Work Safer


You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about being in the car, except maybe wishing your commute to work was a little shorter. However, driving is a daily activity you should think more carefully about.

Driving is the most dangerous activity you can do, and it’s something you do every day. Add the frustration of making it to work on time and rushing home to get dinner started and driving gets even more dangerous.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drive at all! It just means you need to pay closer attention to your time spent in the car to ensure your commute is as safe as it possibly can be.

Refresh Your Knowledge of the Rules of the Road

How long ago was it that you took the driving test? For some, it has been decades! It’s true that experience on the road trumps studying from a book, but it’s also true that refreshing your knowledge of the rules of the road can make you a better driver.

Discover what you remember about the rules of the road, and what you don’t remember, by taking an online permit practice test. You just might learn something new about the rules of the road, or you may dust off a few of the rules that you have forgotten. For example:

  • Some states have made it illegal to drive with earbuds in your ears.
  • Pedestrians get the right of way in all situations.
  • U-turns can be illegal, even without a no U-turn sign.
  • Fog lights should only be used in special circumstances.
  • You are not supposed to cross double white lines.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Get Ready

Getting ready in the morning is different for everyone. Some morning routines may last an hour, while other people can get ready in ten minutes. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get ready as long as you are completely ready when you enter your car.

Distracted driving includes a lot more than just texting on your cell phone. Eating breakfast and putting on makeup also make you a distracted driver. Make sure you get everything done and ready to go before you enter your car so you can focus on the road.

Leave a Little Early

You don’t want to be late to work. There are many things you can do to increase your chances of being on time, but sometimes, it’s out of your hands. Make sure a roadside emergency or unseen circumstances don’t alter your arrival time by leaving a little early.

Leaving just five or ten minutes earlier can ensure you don’t run into any problems. It ensures you don’t get stopped by a passing train, congested traffic won’t make you late, and it also gives you time to stop at the gas station to grab a drink or fill your gas tank without feeling rushed.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Leaving a little early can help you avoid some roadside problems, but you will inevitably run a little behind every once in a while. In addition, there are some problems you may run into on the road that will take longer than five or ten minutes. You can still increase your chances of being on time by using technology to your advantage.

There is a wide variety of traffic apps available that can help you see exactly what you’re getting into before you leave the house. If you check the app and it shows that your normal route is congested, you can choose an alternate route and avoid the headache.

Take the Long Way Home

Today, driving is associated with stress, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When vehicles were new, people loved going for joyrides. The ability to relax and unwind behind the wheel is still possible, but it requires you to take the long way home.

It’s true that you won’t get home as quickly as you would if you took a more direct route, but after a long day, it can feel good to drive home by yourself in the quiet. It can give you the chance to take in the scenery and get in a good head space before you arrive home to spend time with your significant other and children.

Don’t take your drive to and from work for granted. Avoid serious injury and enjoy your drive more than you ever thought possible by following the tips on this list.


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