Loulouka Formula: Everything You Need to Know


As an infant formula brand, Loulouka is pretty new and might not be as well-known as the industry veterans like Holle. Here’s what you might want to know about them and what they offer.

About founders

Loulouka was created by three men named Peter, Christiaan, and Michael. They are all fathers and professionals with deep knowledge of the industry. As parents, they created a brand that could give babies the best without anything that could potentially harm them. That’s why you won’t find any palm oil or soy in their products.

The three co-founders started working on their formula in 2016 and three years later, in 2019, Loulouka was created. The company’s headquarters are in Switzerland.

What makes Loulouka stand out?

Like all baby foods from Europe, Loulouka formula has to meet the highest standards of quality. However, there are other things that set these products apart:

1They are soy-free

We grown-ups can eat soy products without any issues. It’s different for infants. Their sensitive, underdeveloped GITs often find it hard to digest soy.

2Lactose is the primary and only source of carbs

Lactose is a natural sugar and source of carbs that’s also present in human milk. Loulouka formulas contain no added sugars or starches. This makes them as similar to mom’s milk as possible.

3Prebiotics and fatty acids

Your baby’s body needs prebiotics to help with bowel movement. It also needs Omega-3 fatty acids for proper brain development.

4All-natural organic formula

The quality requirements for baby foods in the EU are exceptionally stringent. This means that Loulouka products only contain organic ingredients and don’t include any GMO ingredients.


Loulouka is created by parents, for parents. Despite of being a relatively new brand, they do their best to offer you and your babies the highest-quality baby formula on the market.


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