Are You Looking for the Best Side Sleeping Beds?


According to OnHealth, the most common sleeping position is on your side. Unfortunately, a lot of mattresses don’t take this into account. They’re not made to support side sleeping as well as they could be, which leads to difficulty sleeping, pain, and general discomfort for many.

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep, no matter what their preferred position. If you’re looking for the perfect side sleeper beds, you’ve come to the right place.

NolahAirFoam Mattress

If you want a top-of-the-line mattress made with side sleepers in mind, look no further than the NolahAirFoam.

The NolahAirFoam is made using AirFoam, a material touted as a better alternative to Memory Foam. It has billions of small air bubbles made to support the pressure points in your shoulders and hips, as well as create great airflow to release heat from the mattress. In this way, the AirFoam offers pressure relief, alignment support for your pelvis, spine, and shoulders, and conforms to your body just like Memory Foam.

The NolahAirFoam might just be the best bed for side sleepers.

Loom & Leaf Relaxed Firm

This premium, thick quilted mattress is extremely foam dense and perfect for side sleepers.

At around $1,700 retail, this is a premium mattress, but it’s worth it. It’s made of a thick layer of Memory Foam to offer a medium-firm experience. It’s somehow plush and sturdy at the same time, making for a unique feel and amazing night’s sleep every night.

The padded top offers amazing hip and shoulder support, while the foam keeps your spine perfectly aligned all night. What’s more, the thickness of the Memory Foam ensures it lasts longer even through regular wear and tear.

If you have the budget for it, consider the Loom & Leaf if you’re a side sleeper.

Layla Hybrid

The Layla Hybrid isn’t just good for side sleepers, it’s also good for hot sleepers.

This is a flippable mattress, with one side offering a medium experience and the other offering a firm one. Every side sleeper is different, so whichever type of mattress you’re comfortable with, you can enjoy. Typically, the firm side is better for heavier sleepers over 140 lbs.

The Layla Hybrid is made with copper-infused Memory Foam, offering top-of-the-line temperature control to keep you cool throughout the night. You also get great pressure relief for your hips and shoulders no matter what side you’re on, and motion isolation that ensures you won’t wake your partner up if you toss and turn in the night.

If you need one of the best couple sleeping beds for side sleepers, look no further.

Saatva Classic

This mattress combines bouncy with cushy for a great sleep every night.

If you’re not a fan of Memory Foam, you’ll be happy with the Saatva Classic. The padding cushions your hips and shoulders, and works to align your spine properly while sleeping on your side. Best of all, you don’t get that sometimes restrictive embrace that Memory Foam offers.

It doesn’t have as great motion isolation as other mattresses, but offers a unique comfort profile that many will love. You can find great trials for this mattress from many retailers.


Made with Aircell foam, this is a breathable and comfortable mattress for side sleepers.

This mattress is made specifically to target and reduce back and shoulder pain and cradle your pressure points. It’ll help keep your spine aligned, as well as your joints. As a side sleeper, you know this is exactly what you need.

The AirCell memory foam is a dream, with a more open-cell structure that absorbs motion and lets heat flow out of the mattress all while supporting the hips and shoulders. There are three different firmness options, considering every type of sleeper, and the mattress is incredibly durable thanks to the Atlas Core foam base.

The MemoryLux is a fantastic mattress for single side sleepers, or those who share the bed with a partner.

Helix Midnight

If you want a good, bouncy bed perfect for side sleeping, try out the Helix Midnight.

Made with multiple layers of Memory Foam, the Helix Midnight offers fantastic back and shoulder support to reduce back and shoulder pain. It works to keep the spine aligned, and offers superb airflow to keep the heat at bay. The first layer of Memory Foam reduces pressure, and the second layer (polyfoam) gives you the ergonomic support you crave.

This mattress is made with wrapped coils in the middle, making for great motion reduction if you have a light sleeper for a partner. The Helix Midnight offers a medium-firm sleeping experience, and shapes to the body to further prevent pain.

The Helix Midnight is also an affordable adoption, coming in around $1,000 at most retailers. If you’re a hot sleeper, as well as a side sleeper, you’re going to love the restful nights the Helix Midnight awards you.

Choosing the Best Side Sleeper Beds

Now that you’ve seen all the best side sleeper beds, it’s time to make a choice. Review the options above and find the mattress that works best for you. Every side sleeper is different, so your perfect mattress may look very different from the next side sleeper’s.

You deserve a good night’s sleep, so don’t let your mattress hold you back. Make the investment in a good side sleeper bed today.

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