How to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle


77% of consumers just like you are ready to join the sustainability revolution. Together, conscious customers are saving billions on water and energy consumption while curbing oil use.

Yet, where do you begin?

The first step is committing to a sustainable lifestyle.

Take action with the following steps to enjoy lower bills, healthier immune systems, and less waste.

Ditch the Meat and Plant a Garden

Did you know hamburgers and hot dogs contribute to climate change?

Making simple diet changes makes a considerable difference.

Start with these easy fixes:

  • Buy sustainably farmed produce
  • Grow your own food in the backyard
  • Start composting indoors and outdoors
  • Turn compost into rich soil
  • Save rainwater

What’s more, you can ensure your food is pesticide-free since you grew it yourself!

Not every environment can sustain large, fruitful gardens. You may need to re-soil your yard or remove any trees shielding sunlight.

Plus, you don’t have to remove all meat products. Instead, buy fresh meat and eggs directly from farms.

Compost Daily

Composting is another important point. This tip saves nearly 3 million tons of food waste every year.

Kitchen composting is quite simple. All you need is a small composting bucket next to the garbage can. Your city may supply compost pales for free too.

You can compost most perishable items.

These include:

  • Used coffee grounds
  • Egg shells
  • Fruit peels
  • Soiled paper napkins
  • Shredded newspaper
  • Tea bags

Next, set up a hot composting pile in your backyard. You can dispose of rotten foliage, produce, and other biodegradable materials.

Embrace a Solar-Powered Sustainable Lifestyle

The sun is a direct source of vitamin D, which boosts your immune system. Natural sunlight also improves mood and productivity. Thus, get in the habit of opening windows, enjoying the benefits of fresh air and the sun.

You can also save thousands on energy bills by switching to solar panels. While panels are more expensive than asphalt shingles, they don’t leave the same carbon footprint. Plus, old shingles increase needless waste.

Solar panel shingles are also available to mimic traditional roofing materials. You could also equip your backyard ADU home with panels inside of the primary residence.

Plus, your city may even cover the costs for you!

More cities are pledging to curb the effects of climate change by subsidizing homeowners’ solar panels. In fact, states like California are mandating new homes to include solar panels.

You city may reimburse your solar panels through tax credits, so read your city ordinances carefully!

Embrace the Green Revolution

Are you ready to lessen waste for good?

Join the green revolution and start investing in a proactive sustainable lifestyle!

Start inward by looking at your own food habits. Then, turn you backyard into a real sustainable solution. Optimize your efforts with daily composting to create soil and reduce waste.

Ramp up your efforts by installing solar panels from a trusted provider. Don’t forget to claim those green tax credits too.

Stay informed to save even more money and energy. Bookmark the blog to learn more!


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