7 Lessons You Can Learn From Real Estate Millionaires


Real estate investment is now making headlines, especially now that there is a raging pandemic pushing everyone to their knees. Stock and bonds marketers are currently desperately seeking help from various organizations, including real estate millionaires. Why? The fact is that the rental housing market is the only stable market with promising returns. Real estate brokers and agents are reaping enough coins to sustain them during these tough times.

How do they manage to remain in the game for too long without crashing down? In this article, we are going to look at some of the lessons and secrets you can learn from real estate millionaires that will help you survive and also become a real estate mogul soon.

1Stop Looking for Deals in the Wrong Places

This comes as the first lesson: stop looking for real estate deals in the wrong places. When thinking about investing in the rental housing market, do not take most of your time perusing through newspapers, browsing on the online blogs and articles, or even visiting the current listings in your local market. Take your time, tour all the houses on the list, and have a face-to-face talk with the owners. Best deals are not out there on the market, but they are at the next door waiting for you to have word-of-mouth with the sellers.

All you have to do is to go looking for the new distressed property before hitting the market. In this way, you will be able to get more valuable deals with less competition. Remember, real estate investment is all about how patient you are and how deep you dig to find the right deal.

2Cash Is King, and You Have to Make the Right Estimates

As a new agent or homeowner, do you know about the 1% rule? If you know the better, if you don’t, make efforts to realize it before entering it. However, forget about it first. Concentrate on the cash flow if you want to be the next real estate millionaire. I learned that after interacting with various real estate millionaires, cash flow is more important to them than the property itself. Whenever planning to invest in the rental market, think of how the monthly rent will flow. Check out https://www.bugiscredit.sg for more tips.

How much are you going to earn from the property? You need a sufficient amount of money to finance all your monthly expenses, such as property taxes, insurance, and utilities. Additionally, you need to have an allowance that will help you cater for unexpected costs like renovations. Make your correct calculations in the first stages of negotiation.

3Do Not Overpay

Real estate investment is about making an extra coin. You have to look for deals that will give you profits in times of reselling. In a few words: look for affordable deals. Never overpay for a property that will put more stress on your financial accounts. Paying less than the market value of a property will not only give you profits on reselling but also offer protection if it needs costly repairs.

4It Is Hard to Find a True Deal Than You Can Imagine

Landing the right real estate investment deal is much harder than you can think. After closing the sale, you will most of the time meet one or two agents who will tell you how you were overcharged. For example, when I was buying my property at its asking price was $100,000, I was told to pay a deposit of $5000. But after having a chit-chat with my friend who had several properties in the industry, he suggested I was overcharged. But how was I to know if I was landing a real deal or not? It reminded me of the first point; you should look for the property in the right places. Involve your trusted agents and friends when hunting for a home.

5Don’t Be Controlled by Your Greed

Some people decide to invest in real estate because they have seen others making millions from the industry. That is a wrong move and ground to base your decisions. The combination of greed and slick TV infomercials will make the investment too right to be ignored by anyone whose motive is to make quick money. Seeing big money made from the rental housing market and making that money when you enter the business are two different things. You need to make the right decision or leave the housing market controlled by those who understand it better.

6Be Careful When Sharing Your Ideas with A Millionaire Investor

One thing you have to know is that millionaires have the cash to take any idea and implement it. When you share your thoughts with any millionaire, you will meet your implemented idea of giving someone free millions. For instance, when you think about introducing big-screened TVs in your offices to entice your buyers, and you happen to share the idea, you will see your competitors, including free TVs, on their sales. That is your idea stolen without your consent. When discussing your ideas, carefully scrutinize the kind of people you share with.

7Be Willing to Take Risks with Your Money and Not Your Name

Millionaire investors will tell you that you should always risk your money and not your name and reputation. Investing in real estate needs more money than how creative you can be. It would be best if you had more partnerships and business associations. For instance, you should take advantage of over-inflated property values and the ease of getting mortgage property to buy and make fast money. Think about your reputation later.

The Bottom Line

Are you still thinking of becoming a real estate millionaire? It is your time to decide. The exciting part of the rental housing market is that you will meet with the millionaires and blend at some point, while at one point or the other, you will have to clash, everyone fighting for their goals. But that should not worry you. All you need is to have all the outlined lessons and learn from them. I am sure that the above tips will help you find common ground to work with a millionaire investor and become a real estate mogul. If you need to learn more about investing, visit https://www.bugiscredit.sg/.


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