Help! Is It Too Late to Get Into Cryptocurrency?


What is crypto investment? That is the question we should be asking before we start thinking if it is too late to engage in the cryptocurrency business. Cryptocurrency investment is a form of investment dealing with digital money, and its transactions are only done on digital platforms. It is an advanced type of fiat or stock market investments. In that case, if you make a quick search on the best time to get into cryptocurrency, I guarantee you will find more than one million search results. Why? Because every investor has his/her reasons to start on crypto marketing. Even if you enter it today and attend an entrepreneurial conference, you would still get a few people asking if it is late to switch to cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Background

I heard about the cryptocurrency in 2010, while the first Bitcoin was mined in 2009, that is only seven years ago. Since its conception, its price has been rising every fiscal year, with over 100% returns. For instance, an investor who bought one bitcoin in 2016 at $ 700 .00 and sold it in 2017, forked about $ 8000.00, that is over 1030% profit. From its sheer history, cryptocurrency has been giving investors millions of returns in a short time. However, it has been associated with several downfalls on its price in many situations, but that is not a big issue because when it picks, it rises way above its previous value.

By the time I was getting into cryptocurrency, not many people knew about it, and if they knew, very few had faith in it. The same happened to me. I did not fully put my coins in the same bucket as I did not trust the future success of the investment. But you know what? Only two years later, I reaped more than 1000% on my investment, that is when I thought I entered the game too late.

But I was wrong. I came to realize that there is no right time in cryptocurrency. It all depends on your motive, purpose, and when you intend to use your returns. Again, at first, I was afraid of being conned as the idea of investing in cryptocurrency was not an easy thing to wake up and start it right away. It needed much thinking, and that is exactly what took me long to invest in decentralized trading fully. So making up my mind was not all about the right time, but my aim in investing in cryptocurrency, and this comes with a question like;

Why do you choose a cryptocurrency?

The question will still raise many answers, not because it has different roots, but most people who ask such issues are the ones sitting outside the circle waiting to see how the business goes. Maybe they are interested in investing in decentralized investment, or they want to make quick millions in a few months and quit. Worst choice ever. Honestly, if you choose cryptocurrency as a gambling site to make a few coins, spend them, and leave the game, then I would advise it is the wrong time to enter it. If you think of starting crypto marketing as a future venture, then it is the right time to switch. Are you getting the answer to: is it too late to get into cryptocurrency?

I remember being in the same situation some years back. I needed a perfect answer to my worries, and any response could serve it right, especially when cryptocurrency was still setting its pace. There were many people with negative thoughts on crypto marketing, and I blamed myself for making the wrong choice. It was until I received the first returns that I knew they were wrong, and I was right. What makes it different from today’s state of bitcoins and other coins? Nothing. We still have a few elements who would advise not investing in cryptocurrency, although it is okay since the future of digital currency is unpredictable. To state it right, if you ask for my piece of advice, if it is late to get into bitcoin investment, I would answer it in a single statement: it is not too late. This is because the market is still setting its records right, and I am sure it is the next big thing. Do you doubt my reasoning? Take your time and think about;

Buying A Single Bitcoin as an Investment.

As I said, if your motive to enter into crypto is precisely investment, then your timing is perfect. It would help if you were not interested in spending it anytime soon or even converting it into fiat currencies. Crypto coins may be the next huge items when talking about technology and generation, and undisputedly universally accepted and recognized. These aspects make digital coins to be a safe bet that everyone getting in is happy. Although it is not easy to indicate the exact number of people using Bitcoin, those who are aware of it, or those own Bitcoins, all I know is that one can have more than one Bitcoin address and twist their total number of Bitcoins they own. I also agree that a small percentage of the population globally is using this kind of transaction. Still, the present price and usage is not a theoretical reflection of future dominance.

Are You Buying It to Use?

There have been doubts if you can use crypto coins to pay for goods and services. The right answer is yes because the same way you use your usual debit and credit cards, you will still use your Bitcoins and other currencies to pay for services. You can even tap, swipe, or enter your PIN. The best thing is that the sellers will not realize when you use any crypto coin because they are instantly converted into fiat currency at the point of sale. Saying that is a clear indication that when you think of buying a Bitcoin or any other currency to use it, it is never too late. This is a new mode of payment, and it is undoubtedly coming into adoption.

The Bottom Line

Giving my opinion on this piece of writing does not mean I am perfect. It is out of the experience having taken part in crypto coin transactions for the past few years. However, as you think of entering into cryptocurrency, always do your research on the coins. Understand their historic rises and falls before concluding. However, there is no right time to enter into the investment; it all depends on your reasons to step into it. Follow positive advice, and if possible, follow up to make the right choice. Anyway, all I wish you is a successful venture. In case you are a beginner, click here to learn more about bitcoin.


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