Leisure Activities in Singapore


Many professionals are relocating to Singapore for a few months or years for better career opportunities. Also there are a large number of students who live in Singapore for some time. While they are usually busy with their work or studies on weekdays, they are often free on weekends and public holidays. Hence they are interested in finding more about the various activities Singapore, especially the activities which are close to the place where they reside. Depending on the personal preference of the individual, they can choose from a wide variety of activities which are described below.

Adventure/sports activity

Most young people prefer activities like adventure sports and games. Camp Challenge located on Admiralty Road offers a wide range of adventure activities. This includes an obstacle course, with low obstacles and high obstacles. Groups can also enjoy a paintball game. Various water sports like rafting, paddling and kayaking are also organized. Camp Challenge is open from 9.30 am to 7 pm and is closed on Sunday. Those who wish to learn martial arts like Ju Jitsu, Muay Thai and Mixed martial arts (MMA) can do so at the Juggernaut Fight Centre located at Beach road. Fitness conscious individuals can learn Barre , a combination of Ballet, Yoga and pilates at Barre2barre at Pickering street

Relaxing activities

Many professionals are stressed after their hectic schedule and are interested in relaxing activities which will help them destress. For these professionals, the Sembawang Hot spring park near Canberra road, open on all days of the week, is highly recommended. The park has a walking trail called the Floral walk for those who like walking. In addition to foot bath pools, the hot spring also has egg cooking stations. Another popular activity for relaxing is art jamming. Heartroom gallery at Cambridge road offers art jamming sessions for groups as well as individuals , allowing participants to showcase their creativity.


The Singapore Botanic gardens at Cluny road are a popular tourist attraction since they have a wide variety of plants, trees, and other fauna. Many people, families are organizing their picnics and photo shoots in the gardens. National Orchid gardens also attract a large number of tourists, since they have a wide range of colorful orchids. One of more unique museums in Singapore is the Singapore ant museum at Lorong Ong Lye, which is recommended for families with children. This museum showcases the life of ants, and has more than 50 different varieties of ants. It also has 25 ant farms. The museum is only open on Saturday and Sunday.

Food/eating out

Singapore has a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, bakeries and other outlets which are selling different kinds of food to cater to customers’ tastes and budget. The Kuai Sun Dian Xing which translates into Dim Sum at $1.30 has all the food dishes uniformly priced at $1.30. These dishes include fried carrot cake, baos, chee cheong fun. The Pek Kio market and food centre has a wide variety of food dishes like prawn, fish cake, and fried prawn noodles. Atlas coffee house offers different dishes like creamy mushroom, butterscotch pancakes with banana in addition to coffee.


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