Can A Legal Notice Be Sent Without A Lawyer?


As a business owner, you have to deal with multiple things that might stop you from progressing, apart from the challenges you face with the day-to-day operations of your company. Another big challenge that most businesses face is collecting payments from customers.

legal notice

Many businesses offer EMI’s and other installment payment options, which customers might take leverage off. When you don’t get timely payments, you have full rights to notify your customers and warn them of their actions.

Sending a legal notice for recovery of money is the right way to go, and it is your responsibility to make sure that credit is collected from every customer. Issuing a legal notice is a big deal, but you can do it yourself.

However, involving a legal expert is always better to avoid any kind of uncomfortable situation between the company and the customer.

Before you get into the details of writing a legal notice, it is essential to learn the basics of the term’ legal notice’. So, without further delay, quickly scroll through the details mentioned below.

What is a legal notice?

As you may understand, a legal notice is a formal notice sent by an entity or an individual to the receiver of the notice. It is a final warning that the entity or individual is giving the receiver for the grievance they have caused.

For example, if you are an entity and a customer has failed to pay the bill for more than the average waiting time, you can send a short legal notice to warn them of their actions. And make them aware that you can take legal steps if the need is not done from their end.

When should you send a legal notice?

In case of recovering money, you must give some time to the customer to pay their debts. Usually, the average wealth collection time for companies is twenty-eight days. For some, it is even longer than two months.

You can send a polite reminder to the customer to make the payment. However, when the customer does not respond to your requests, you shall formally send a legal notice.

How can you send a legal notice without involving a lawyer?

Now you have so many wealth management and collection firms that typically help you monitor the in-flow and out-flow of money. Technically, such wealth collection firms are connected with legal firms, which give them general guidance on how to send a legal notice.

So, if you rely on good wealth collection and management services, you would probably have a ready format for sending a legal notice and keeping track of their response.

You already have all your invoices stored in the database in most collection management software. The one that falls under the category of defaulters is picked up from the list and can immediately send a legal notice by adding the customer details.

The autogenerated legal notice will warn the customer that if they fail to make the payment, legal action will proceed after a fixed duration.

Do you need to go to court for sending a legal notice for the recovery of money? The answer is no. Unless the matter is highly complicated, you do not necessarily need to involve court proceedings.

Almost all wealth recovery cases are resolved outside court with mutual understanding. So, if you are looking forward to getting a solution like this and credit collection and management, look for a reputed firm that offers these services and depends on them to manage wealth-related matters without stressing you out.


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