Hair Loss in Women: Causes, Treatment


Women’s hair is most likely one of their most valuable assets. A good head full of shiny, healthy, and bouncy hair can reduce years from your age and make you look younger. However, hair loss is a problem that everyone is concerned about.

Cause Hair Loss

Hair loss is something that everybody has faced at least once in their lives, and once it’s started, it seems impossible to get rid of. Hair fall is somewhat common, and if you don’t handle it carefully, hair fall can lead to premature hair loss.

Hair fall control products, such as shampoos, oils, and conditioners, are now widely accessible on the market. Some hair care products have developed their unique formula that claims to aid with hair problems and manage hair fall.

Many manufacturers also provide hair masks that aid in deep therapy and should only be applied once or twice a week.

Women’s hair loss and balding

Hair loss is a natural occurrence in humans; it is beneficial to have a few hairs fall out once in a while so that new hair can grow in its place. Hair loss is considered normal if only about ten hair strands are lost per day.

Hair fall is defined as the loss of more than ten hair strands. Hair fall, if left untreated, can progress to hair loss, a more severe problem. Hair loss can cause loss of hair in patches as well as broadening of the spaces between hair follicles, resulting in a reduction in overall hair volume.

Hair Loss Causes

There are numerous reasons for hair loss, and it can be divided into external and internal causes.

The following are the most common reasons for hair loss in women:

Bad Lifestyle/diet

A lousy lifestyle is a primary cause of female hair loss. Those who consume nutrient-deficient foods, work long hours and get little sleep are more likely to experience hair loss than those who follow a balanced diet and lifestyle. Exercise and yoga can also improve blood circulation, which helps to minimize hair loss.

Environmental Concerns

Poor water, pollution, smog, heat, and the sun can all damage the hair. High levels of exposure to these factors may result in hair loss in women.


High-stress professionals, such as doctors and industrial employees, will likely experience increased hair loss. Stress is harmful to the hair and can reduce its life cycle. Sometimes, a goodnight’s sleep is all you need to be tension-free.

Health Concerns

Numerous health concerns, including PCOS, anemia, cancer, and a lack of many essential nutrients, can cause hair loss. In fact, for many disorders, hair loss might be one of the first signs of underlying health problems.

Defective products

Excessive use of thermal products, such as dry shampoos, hair straighteners, gels, glitters, curlers, mousses, hair sprays, and other items, can weaken hair follicles and cause hair loss.

Hair loss can also be caused by products containing Parabens, SLS, Phthalates, and artificial harmful colors and perfumes. These are the reasons why one loses their hair so quickly.

Hair Loss Treatment

Choose branded items that are particularly designed to control hair loss, such as hair strengthening, hair fall control/protection, and other products. Choose brands that have been dermatologically recommended and evaluated for skin safety.

To help minimize hair loss in women, avoid products containing hazardous chemicals and include a healthy lifestyle.


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