Why Leadership Matters in Organizational Growth


Effective leadership goes a long way in increasing productivity among employees and strengthening employee retention at the workplace. Leadership holds a crucial role in creating a work environment where employees can feel engaged and recognized. A survey revealed that 59% of surveyed employees feel that management accessibility motivates them to work harder.

The information below may provide you the best ideas on how to grow an organization:

Skills a Leader Should Have

Studies show that while employees also consider salary and compensations as factors in motivating them to perform, relationship with their leaders has a huge impact as well. Hence, these Leadership Skills are essential in both individual and overall company growth.

Effective Communication

A leader should ensure that everyone is on the same page in terms of organizational goals and specific tasks. Keeping open communication will help everyone be on the right track. More importantly, if there are individual concerns, communication between the leader and employee clears things up. The ability to communicate resolves a lot of conflicts, which is why it is such a crucial leadership skill.

Initiated Motivation

Leaders are responsible for building employees’ self-esteem by giving them credits for their performances. Public recognition inspires employees to go the extra mile for the team.

Delegation of Additional Responsibilities

Assigning additional work connotes trust for the employee. Not only does it lessen the burden on a specific person, but delegating responsibilities equally among the team will give everyone a sense of purpose. It is also an excellent way to assess each member’s strengths and weaknesses, which can be used in determining areas for improvement.

Positive Attitude

Busy and stressful moments are inevitable, especially in a dynamic work environment. A leader should aim to induce a positive atmosphere to motivate employees further. Showing empathy and respect towards the employee will encourage everyone to put in more effort.

Integrity and Respect

A leader should be someone whom everyone looks up to. Employees trust a leader that they respect. Therefore, the leader must uphold organizational values in everything that he/she does. Honesty and accountability are just some of the values that a leader should strive to convey.

Fun Activities to Motivate Employees

Effective leaders not only lead, but they also need to inspire to achieve goals and targets. Thus, a leader should think out of the box and think of creative ways to encourage interest.

Round Tables

Set up four tables assigned with different tasks. Delegate tasks among members and select a team leader. Task completion will be timed.


Create a story based on a random set of photographs. Recreate the sequence appropriately without looking at the pictures of another player.


Blindfold a team member and create a minefield of obstacles. Use communication techniques to help the blindfolded player in passing through the minefield.


Break the tension in a group by stimulating discussions and connections among peers. Players will ask generic questions, and other participants will find the members that fit the nature of the query.

Leadership skills are crucial in any workplace. It is one of the key tools in achieving the individual growth of employees and company-wide targets and objectives.


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