How Can a Specialized Law Firm Protect Your Rights as a Medical Malpractice Victim?


Medical malpractice is deemed to have occurred when the treatment received from a healthcare professional or hospital causes you harm. At such times, you can approach a specialist like Moore Law Firm who ethically fights for your rights.

Being a medical malpractice victim is a stressful phase, and only a specialized legal representative can safeguard your interests. A qualified attorney can advise you correctly on whether your case is worthy of filing a lawsuit or not.

Common Medical Malpractices

Listed here are the broad categories that constitute medical malpractice:

  • Failure on the part of your doctor to make an accurate diagnosis may lead to an unfavorable outcome.
  • When your doctor prescribes the wrong treatment or administers the right one incorrectly, it may worsen your condition.
  • Neglecting to warn you about known risks associated with the medical procedure or treatment you need to undergo.

Protect Your Rights

A specialized law firm is suitably equipped to protect your rights should you fall victim to medical malpractices. Here’s how:

Conduct an In-Depth Evaluation

Firstly, the qualified lawyer gathers all factual evidence in connection with the reported incident. After that, all the evidence is duly reviewed by medical experts to help establish the malpractice. They even draft and submit a report, which enables your attorney to initiate your case and work to recover damages.

Decide On a Justifiable Compensatory Figure

On closely assessing all the facts of your case and the extent of injury you have suffered, your legal aid arrives at a fair compensation figure. They know what all aspects need to be considered while deciding on this sum.

Besides your current medical expenses to rectify the damage caused, even inconveniences you are likely to encounter in the future are evaluated in monetary terms. Your medical malpractice attorney ensures that you are not deprived of your rights from any angle.

Initiate Settlement Negotiations

Based on the report submitted by medical experts, your trained attorney initiates settlement negotiations on your behalf with the accused party and their insurance provider. When the accused agrees to pay the monetary compensation amount, an out of court settlement is made.

In cases where mutual consent is not forthcoming, a court trial takes place wherein a judge or jury decides the outcome. Your legal representative will put forth arguments in court to strengthen your case and inch towards a favorable verdict.

Comply With Procedural Requirements

A qualified attorney from a reputed agency on the lines of Moore Law Firm knows how critical it is to comply with laid-down procedures. They can ensure full compliance since these experts are aware of the set practices and applicable laws.

Failing to submit the necessary paperwork within the specified deadline can result in the dismissal of your case. Similarly, the absence of a certified report issued by a medical review board only weakens your chances of receiving a fitting compensation.

Damages Awarded

Once the medical malpractice legal specialist is sure they have a valid case in hand, the damages they claim on your behalf cover:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Disfigurement
  • Physical and mental agony
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Lost wages owing to absence from work
  • Awarding compensation to a surviving family member on the loss of an earning partner
  • Inability to enjoy life from hereon

Basic Requirements

A medical malpractice case must be filed soon after the incident occurred as per state guidelines. Or else, your case may be dismissed regardless of the facts presented.

For proving that you are a genuine victim of medical malpractice, your specialist lawyer ensures that the below-mentioned is clearly established in your case:

The Doctor-Patient Relationship

If you hired a qualified medical practitioner’s services, it must be evident that you were directly treated by the concerned doctor at the time. A healthcare professional who has no role to play in your condition cannot be sued for damages.

Negligence on the Doctor’s Part Caused Injury

Your case is only valid when there is evidence to suggest that the concerned doctor was negligent while diagnosing or treating your condition. When a medical authority deviates from standard practices, it can have disastrous consequences. A direct connection between your injury and the doctor’s negligence must be evident.

Injury Resulted In Damages

The extent of the injury, when severe, may cause you to lose your job, become dependent on medication, suffer mental anguish or physical pain. When either of these scenarios exists, you have a solid ground to file a case.

Rely on renowned legal minds known to prioritize their client’s interests above all else.


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