Know How King Size Beds Differ From Queen Size Beds


One of the most important parts of a bedroom is the bed itself. Therefore there are a lot of conversations on what type of bed should be there in the bedroom, a king bed or a queen bed. A lot of it depends on the preferences and choices of the individuals who would be using the bed and also the size and dimension of the room have a role to play in what type of mattress should be placed in the bedroom.

Therefore we would be doing a simple comparative analysis between the king and the queen bed to simplify your choice and back up your individual choice.

Comparative Analysis Between King Size Bed Vs Queen

Features King Queen
Length 80 inches 80 inches
Width 76 inches 60 inches
Room size 12×12 feet 10×12 feet
Suitable for For couples who want maximum space For single sleeper or couples who do not need much space to sleep
Price Little expensive than Queen Mattress Affordable


We hope that this point of distinction between king size bed vs queen helps you in making a processed decision as to which one to go with. Though king-size mattresses and queen-size mattresses are ideal mattresses for bed-rooms, therefore, the choice to buy a particular mattress comes down to a few individual factors.

The Bedroom Size

King size mattress needs at least 12×12 feet room space to be very comfortable anything less than that would feel cramped up, therefore if you have a smaller bedroom it is better to place queen size mattress in the room and leave some space to walk and place some small furniture to make the room more aesthetically pleasing.

The Sleeping Positions

While choosing the type of mattress a lot of it depends on the size and sleeping position of you and your partner and comfort. Some couples would simply adjust themselves into a queen bed as it is cozier, but some couples would love some extra space between themselves so that they could sleep with their children or pets or could stretch a little as when needed.


Price has always been a decisive factor in the purchase of anything in this living breathing world. It is the same for the mattress and its accessories and the high price of the king mattress stems from the simple fact that the King mattress has always been priced higher due to larger dimensions but the price change is minimal and one would buy a King bed if they need one. Again price also depends on the quality of the mattress that we would be using be it Latex, Memory foam, or hybrid foam.


Lastly it all depends on your preferences as to what you as an individual or as a couple would find peace in a mattress, maybe a queen size bed will be a cozy one but it will constraint your movement and will give you the choice to sleep with your kids or pets on the contrary King size beds not only provides you the required freedom but it also allows you to sleep with your kids or pets and snuggle with them if they love to do so before sleep.

Pros of a King Size Bed


There are obvious questions on how big is a king-size bed is and if it is necessary or is it worth the money and the space that it would be occupying?

As mentioned in the dimensions chart above king size mattress are 80 inches in length and 76 inches in width and it contrasts with the queen size mattress only in the size width of 16 inches which probably is not much as the length of both the mattress remains the same. It’s only the width that makes all the differences and therefore king size beds would need at least 12×12 feet room to look cozy. While queen beds would probably need a smaller room in width i.e. 10×12 feet to adjust. But in reality, it all depends on the preference and demands, if you would need a  king-size mattress depending on if your spouse, kids, or pets will be joining you in the bed, or probably you are a single person /parents who tends to sleep with his/her kids or pets in that case a queen size mattress would simply resolve your problem without any hitch.

Ideal for Restless Sleepers

Its an ideal mattress for restless sleepers as it gives you a lot of space to move around, also it’s also an ultimate mattress for tall people, back, and stomach sleepers as it gives them enough comfortable space to maneuver.

King Beds are Spacious

King beds are the ultimate deal as they are super spacious and can let you sleep the way you want to while also accommodating your kids and pets along with you in the bed. It also lets your partner sleep peacefully as it is an extra  16 inches in width in comparison to queen beds.

Cons of a King Size Bed

Not Ideal For a Smaller Bedroom

If you along with your partner have kids and pets along with you but have a dimensionally smaller bedroom then you should probably settle for a queen-size bed for your bedroom, and have your kids adjusted in some other room.

Limits Your Floor Space

King beds limit the floor space of your bedroom  disallowing you to bring in any other furniture in the room

Low Mobility

Being a little heavy it won’t be easy to carry a king-size bed around if you change your accommodation and would need professional help to make the mattress reach safely to its destination.


While cost can be a less important factor while choosing a mattress, it still matters as queen mattresses are a little less expensive than the king mattress.

After a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of king size beds it’s time to review the pros and cons of queen size mattress

Pros of A Queen Size Bed

Queen Beds Do Not Occupy Much Space

Queen size beds being small do not occupy many spaces in your bedroom while still fitting you and your partner comfortably


Though the price doesn’t vary much between a queen and a king size mattress still queen size mattresses are more economical and for people who are on a budget, it’s perfect.


Queen size mattresses are less heavier than king mattresses are easy to carry around during change of address without any professional help.

Cons of a Queen Size Bed

Less Spacious

Queen size mattresses are less spacious restricting the moments of your partner if they are frigid sleepers also they won’t allow your kids or pets to accompany you in your sleep due to the space constraints.

Less Comfortable

Even for the couple the queen size mattress would be less spacious restricting the moments of the couple making them feel like being cramped into the mattress.


Finally while concluding it can be said that choosing between a king and a queen size mattress would always be personal as what is the size of your bedroom if you would prefer a larger bed to accommodate your kids and pets with you while you sleep or you simply want a sleek economical mattress with easy mobility that can accommodate just you and your partner.


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