A Comparison Between California King Mattress and King Mattress


A refreshing morning is the result of good sleep and the mattresses play a vital role in it. If you are looking for a big mattress with enough space, then go either for a California King or King mattress.

The demand for mattresses in the market is increasing day by day and thus manufacturers always come with a new idea and concept of the product. The California King and King mattresses are also designed in such a way that fulfill the customer’s demand if they desire to get the largest bed. If you have selected these two mattresses then you are definitely wanting the largest bed this time. But as we all know that the mind gets confused whenever we go shopping.

There is no doubt that both California King and King mattresses are awesome products with many unique features, and thus, people get confused about which one to select.

But to clear out of all your doubts, we are here with some basic mattress comparisons that will make you confirm which bed is comfortable for you.

California King Mattress

Another name for California King Mattress is Western King which is slightly different from King mattress. This is four inches taller and more narrow mattress as compared to the King mattress. This has been considered as one of the longest mattresses available in the market. This mattress is good and comfortable for tall people or couples. This is one good choice if you are in need or want a mattress with proper length.

Pros of the Mattress

  • This is a good choice for long but narrow rooms.
  • Comfortable for taller people.
  • Provide cozy and comfortable sleep to the couples.

Cons of the Mattress

  • As it has a big size, it is difficult to move from one place to another.
  • Always have a problem finding bedsheets for such a big mattress.

King Mattress

As you already know about King mattress, now know some vital information about King mattress. A standard king mattress is one of the widest mattresses available in the market. The length is short as compared to California king, but it is comfortable for couples and one additional family member to sleep together. This is a perfect choice if your kids sleep with you. This mattress is also known as Eastern King Mattress.

Pros of the Mattress

  • Good choice for wider rooms with short length.
  • Comfortable for the couples sleeping with their kids.
  • High-demanding.

Cons of the Mattress

  • Not suitable for extremely taller people.
  • As it is wider in size, this is difficult to move from one place to another.

California King Mattress V/S King Mattress

You are aware of both the mattress, now it’s time to make a comparison so that you can understand it in a better way to know how they both are different from each other.

The main difference between California King Mattress and King Mattress is their sizes. Although they are different sizes, you don’t have to compromise on the quality after purchase. Let’s have a look at the standard dimension of both products:

California King

Width:                           72 inches / 6 feet / 182.9 cm

Length:                         84 inches / 7 feet / 213.3 cm

Total Surface area:     6,048 square inches / 3.78 square meters

King Mattress

Width:                           76 inches / 6 feet, 4 inches / 193.04 cm

Length:                         80 inches / 6 feet, 8 inches / 203.2 cm

Total Surface area:      6,080 square inches / 3.91 square meters

Apart from the different lengths and widths of the product, there are some more key points which should also be kept in mind while purchasing both the products. Here are some key points to make you more clear in choosing the mattress.

Bedroom Space

Among all other factors, the bedroom space is one of the first things which you should think about while making a purchase. If you will buy a mattress which has been fitted to your room then that will waste money. There are some easy ways to know about the room space which can influence your decision.

  • Place where you want to place your mattress.
  • The problem is opening any gates after putting your bed aside.
  • Difficulty in moving in the rooms.
  • The extreme big size harming the furniture, lamps or other products available in the market.

Sharing of a Bed

Make sure that who is going to sleep on the bed with you. The king and California, both the mattresses are big but one in length and another in width. If you are having pets or children who sleep with you then the king is the best choice as it is wider. Things to consider while choosing a bed based on the sharing of the mattress are;

  • If you only have one room to sleep then choose the one that can handle more than two people comfortably.
  • Sharing a bed with others is a little bit awkward for some people and thus they choose California so that no one can make adjustments.
  • Choose the one according to your need and if you want a more spacious room.

The Shape of the Body

This is one of the main factors on which the purchase normally depends. Everyone wants to have a comfortable sleep that needs a good, soft, and firm mattress. Choose the mattress

according to your height, health, and body shape. Sometimes, people select the one which is not suitable for their body type. For ex- In a wider mattress, the taller people’s leg lies out of bed which is irritating while you sleep. Some more things to understand are:

  • Try to know what your body needs.
  • If you are tall, select the California King to be more comfortable.
  • If you are healthy then choose the mattress which is wider in size.

Sleeping Position

Every person has a different sleeping position and they sleep according to their comfort. However, a sleeping position also affects the selection of a mattress. There are multiple types of sleeping positions that need different types of space on the bed. Some love to sleep by stretching their body, while some curl up in a ball. Every position is different from one another. The major thing is to get relaxed sleep on the selected mattress. Here are some key points that will help you to decide about the selection of the mattress.

  • Try to know your comfortable sleeping position and then notice that it needs more height or width of the bed.
  • If you move from one place to another then wider is best for you.
  • Some people sleep by stretching their arms upward which needs a taller bed.


Budget is an important factor that can make changes in the decision. People love to buy big mattresses but sometimes because of the estimated budget they have to rethink which one to purchase. However, there is not a big difference in the price of both California and kind mattresses. A slight ups and downs of the price which can be easily affordable. Research, survey, and compare the price of both then select the product.


 There are very slight differences made in both California king and king mattresses. We have discussed all the important aspects that make it easy for you to know that which is the best mattress for you. However, both are good in quality and their size dimension, but it is up to you which one is more comfortable for your good sleep.


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