All you have to know about cutting down your electricity consumption


Electricity has been something that has existed before time immemorial. It is the very element of human existence—how you say? For starters, human beings are electrical beings, and from the anatomy of the human body, it is evident that our organs are heavily dependent on electricity for all the major and minor organs in our body to function correctly.

But for enough of the body electricity talk. Let’s talk about external electricity and the significant roles it plays in our lives today for better or for worse—in terms of that extra cost on our utility bills arising from our negligence or lack of knowledge.

Electrical energy providers like Ambit energy, 5link, and ACN try to bring you their services at your doorstep through their multilevel marketing operations, which by the way is a fantastic system of engaging consumers. But before you go ahead and subscribe to the services of any of these energy providers, you need to be aware of some factors that shoot up your electrical bills.

It is not enough to scheme for energy providers with the lowest energy rate, but also to take measures in ensuring that you curb your energy consumption as much as possible—and how do you that?

We are going to talk about the most prominent culprit that if unchecked can go a long way in catapulting those utility bills over time.

Bleeding electricity or better still, vampire electricity: these are electrical charges consumed by electrical or electronic devices when off or in standby mode. For most people, the idea that an appliance may or may not drain energy when off or in standby mode may come across as strange, and for others maybe not.

The fact that an appliance is off or on standby does not equate to no electric discharge. The only accurate way of knowing that your machine is not consuming electricity is by completely disconnecting it from the utility outlet.

You might say, oh that this does not in any way contribute to any significant outcome on your electrical charges, but don’t be naive, it does impact a lot. For more information on vampire electricity, see the infographic below.

cutting down your electricty consumption


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