5 Key Features of a Good House to Sell


The real estate industry is one of the most competitive, in the world. Sometimes sellers list their homes and stay for months, without getting a buyer.

However, there are properties that sell like hotcakes. They can’t last a couple of days. What’s the difference?

There are several things that buyers always look for when shopping for houses to purchase. As a seller, you need to find out what attracts buyers and ensure that you include them, before listing your house for sale.

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling your house through an agent or by yourself, certain features will determine how slow or quick the house will sell. The more attractive the house appears to a seller, the faster it is likely to be bought.

Below are some of the features of a good house to sell:

1Parking space

One of the first things buyers seek to find out is whether a home has ample parking space or not. That’s why you should always mention it when listing your house. Ensure you give a clear description of the size of parking and which direction it is situated.

Such details might seem obvious but play a key role in influencing the decision of buyers. Someone might be thinking of getting a home that has good parking space. This means that when going through different listings, one of the major features they will want to see in parking space.

2Central heating

This is another important feature that can increase the chances of selling a house much faster. Most buyers will be interested in finding out the condition of your boiler. They probably want to know if the boiler is capable of producing enough heat and heat water properly.

The best thing is to ensure that your heating system is regularly maintained. In case you have decided to sell the house, you should contact a technician to come and assess it to ensure that it is functioning well. Fix anything that’s not right before listing the house.

3Homeworking space

The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the perception of working in an office. Most companies are now encouraging their employees to work from home, to reduce their exposure to highly infectious diseases.

This means that the demand for home working space has gone higher than before. Most home buyers will definitely be looking to purchase homes that have a place they can call an office.

As a seller, you need to take advantage of this and create a perfect working space, in your house and include the details when listing your house. For example, take nice pictures of a home working space and attach it to your house advert.

4Internet connectivity

This is among the key features that can attract buyers. The internet has become almost a necessity in every home, today. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to start working from home. That means that they also need good internet connectivity, to perform their duties.

You should therefore take advantage of the situation and ensure that your house is connected with reliable internet. Even if it wasn’t connected before, try to have it connected for the purposes of attracting buyers.

5House valuation report

Most buyers will always want to see a house valuation report before they move to other steps of purchasing the house. It is important to conduct a proper valuation of your house before you kick-start the sale process.

There are several companies such as Gold Coast Tax Depreciation that can help you conduct a proper valuation, to determine the real price of the house. This may cost you some money, but it is worth it.

Potential buyers will feel more confident if they see a valuation report, showing the approximate value of the house they want to purchase.

Bottom line

Selling a home can prove to be a daunting task, for people who are not experienced. If you are selling a home for the first time, it is important to understand some of the features that attract buyers, the most.

For example, things such as ample parking space, high-speed internet connectivity, a well-maintained garden are some of the things that attract buyers.

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