How to Keep Vinyl Flooring Clean


When it comes to keeping the house clean, we usually rely on chemical cleaners to ensure that every nook and cranny is dirt-free. The floor is one of the areas in the home that needs to be cleaned at all times, as it does the hardest work of receiving heavy foot traffic, day in and day out. When we come from outside, it is inevitable that we carry dirt into the house. However, if we are committed to keeping the floors clean, we can maintain the excellent condition of our floors, so we won’t have to replace them anytime soon. Here are some tips on how to keep vinyl wood flooring clean.

Use a mat

To keep outside dirt out, lay a interior door mat at every entry of the house. Doing so will significantly reduce the amount of dirt that you bring into the house and that you have to clean up and sweep. Besides using a mat, you can also put a shoe rack by the door so that you don’t have to wear your outside shoes inside, which can be covered in dirt and mud.

Frequent cleaning is the key

Don’t clean only when you see dirt on the floor. Even if it does not look dirty and there is no visible dirt, there are still microscopic particles that make the floor dirty. Also, as soon as there are spills, wipe them up right away, so they don’t stain the floor. Liquids that stay too long on the floor can stain it.

Use shampoo on hairspray

If you frequently use hairspray, you can use shampoo to get rid of it. It is just like removing hairspray from your hair; you use shampoo.

Do away with harsh cleaners

You don’t need chemical-laden cleaners to clean your vinyl floor. Use floor-appropriate soap that is as mild as possible, to get rid of dirt that simple wiping with warm water cannot remove.

Use appropriate cleaners

If you have a no-wax vinyl floor in your home, use a cleaner made especially for no-wax vinyl floors. If you use a cleaner that is not suitable for no-wax vinyl, you may remove the wax coating, prompting you to apply wax again.

Rinse thoroughly

Whatever you use to clean your floor – shampoo, no-wax cleaner or detergent – you must rinse it off thoroughly. Doing so will ensure that the floor does not have any residue of the cleaner left, which may create a stain on the floor.

Maintain the sheen

No-wax vinyl flooring has a coating that provides the gloss. Years of everyday wear and tear will dull the shine of your no-wax floor. To restore the sheen, you can use a sealant explicitly made for no-wax vinyl flooring. No-wax means “don’t wax”. Wax will not adhere to the coating of the floor and applying wax will only create a mess.

Make cleaning the floor a habit to ensure that it remains clean at all times. Doing so will make your floor longer-lasting.


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