How to keep ideas flowing?


Last night, just before you fell asleep, you had many great ideas for your Instagram page and couldn’t wait until you could implement those ideas. But as soon as you are behind your computer, nothing comes out of your fingers. All those good ideas that you had are gone.

You feel frustrated because you want to share your knowledge. You know that you regularly have to post content on your Instagram page to keep it popular. And you want to keep the flow in your blog articles. Then you have all those videos you want to post, but you do not want to be repetitive. If you want your Instagram to have more power, you can buy Instagram views. With these views, you will rank higher, making you appear in the feed of your followers.

You find it increasingly difficult to discover new things. Everything you had thought the night before, it seems that you forgot it all. And you do not remember the best ideas anymore.

How cool would it be to press a button so that all those ideas come back? Sometimes you have to accept that you do not have inspiration for your Instagram page, blog articles or videos. Today is not that day. In this article, you will be given some tips for what you can do if you don’t have inspiration.

Start at the beginning

It may seem that starting from the beginning is not the best step if you do not have inspiration. However, it is good to go back to the first steps you took when you started your business. Think again about who your ideal client is. What did you want to sell to whom? Why did you want that? Was it because you had specific struggles and wanted to help other people get rid of those struggles?

At what point are these people before helping them? Take the time to re-examine the problems and difficulties of your ideal client. The temptation is to go too fast as an entrepreneur. Especially if you have been busy with your business for a while, you may fall into the trap of talking too much about the results that people will achieve with your help.

Do not go too fast, but go back to where your ideal client is. This will give you inspiration for new Instagram posts with suggestions or to write blog posts. It can also help to go back to the time when you were not familiar with your niche. You can remember what you thought at the beginning of your business, and that thought might help you when you want to convince other people of your ideas.

Today, you will see the possibilities of Instagram for marketing. This article will show you the opportunities Instagram offers you, especially for videos. Instagram is a platform that can’t only be used for contact with family and friends.

So go back to where your ideal client is now. What problems does he/she have, what happens in their lives and what stops people before they seek their solution?

Use existing content

All the blog articles you have written, the Instagram videos you have recorded, and the messages you have created can inspire new content. Therefore, go back and see all the content that you have created. Go read the articles you have written and watch the videos. While viewing or reading the material that you created earlier, consider whether you can create a new version. A new release in which you turn the subject differently.

For example, did you write articles that explain something step by step and now you maybe have a more efficient step-by-step plan? You can write a new article about it.

Share Instagram Stories

Think about a book and wanting to be that superhero or princess from the book. That was because you were inspired by the history of the book. But even now that you’re no longer reading adventure books, you can motivate yourself with stories.

To find those stories, you need to connect or collaborate with people. Every entrepreneur has people with whom he or she works. Whether their customers or other entrepreneurs in your network. Everyone has a story, and you can be inspired by every piece that people tell you.

Especially the stories of the clients with whom you work can provide you with much inspiration to develop new content. Your clients have come to you with problems or struggles. If you are going to share those stories, the messages you post will familiarize you with your other fans.

The simple questions that people ask can be used for short Instagram stories in which you share your knowledge. And you can use the most complicated issues to get inspiration for lengthy Instagram posts or blog posts. Has your client achieved a victory? You share it in an Instagram post, explaining how proud you are so you can inspire other clients as well.

Find inspiration with the members of your team

Base the content that you write on the questions you receive. Also, pay attention to the matters that are popular on Instagram, in the videos you watch and in the inquiries that you obtain through Direct Messages or by email.

You know what questions are frequently asked if you answer all the emails. If you have help from a secretary, ask him or her what the most frequent doubts are. Ask them regularly for inspiration for new articles or new ideas. The issues of your fans give you an idea of the difficulties that your fans have, things are not clear and, sometimes, it can even help you to catch up on the new developments.

You can even go so far as to keep a document with your team that includes all the questions that are asked. You get information about the difficulties your target audience faces.


Finally, I want to advise you to be kind to yourself. You may not have inspiration sometimes. Do not stay behind your computer in those cases. Go for a walk to get some fresh air. Or do something else. There is probably another time when you have inspiration.


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