Top 10 Pieces of Jewellery Every Woman Should Own in 2019


With first week of December now gone, the new year of 2019 is almost here. And as always, this is the ideal time to refresh your wardrobe for the next year. From dresses to jewellery, there’s plenty that you can buy at this time. But in this article we’ll stick to jewellery alone, because choosing it can be a more tricky affair than choosing dresses. So in order to make your job easier here we’re gonna provide you a list of top 10 jewellery items that you (and every woman) should have in 2019. Let’s begin:

1. A Stylish Wrist Watch

A Stylish Wrist Watch

Your smartphone may tell you the time, but it won’t ever work as a style statement. For that you’ll still need a watch, so make sure that you’ve a few that can match your dressing style. You can choose one from plenty of styles out in the market – from unisex watches to ladies watches with small faces, and from metallic straps to leather straps. There’s no end of options when it comes to watches for women.

2. A Diamond Bracelet

A Diamond Bracelet

Bracelets are one of the most subtle pieces of jewellery for women, and when chosen rightly, they can work wonders with combination of your watch and other jewellery items. Diamond bracelets look quite elegant in hands, and there are plenty of great ones available in the market (i.e. Caratlane Diamond Bracelet). However, if you don’t like the idea of wearing a diamond bracelet everyday then you can get cheaper bracelets too that will look like made of diamond. Bracelets of other gems can also look stylish, but you need to be sure that they match with your outfit and other jewellery items. Diamond, on the other hand, is something that will work with most dresses and jewellery styles.

3. Every day earrings

Everyday earrings

When I say everyday earrings, I mean small earrings made of pearls, gold or silver that don’t put a lot of weight on your earlobes. Heavy and large earrings, if worn everyday, may harm your earlobes so you should have a pair of smaller ones that don’t weigh a lot.

4. Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings

Due to their large size hoop earrings are something that are not meant to be worn everyday. Besides that, they also don’t work with all types of outfits and skin tones. But when matched nicely with your skin tone and the type of outfit that you’re gonna wear, they can give an edge to your look. The key thing here is to find the hoops of a color that matches your skin tone. Golden color works best with warm skin tones, while silver (or any other shade of white) works best with cool skin tones. Size should also be kept in mind while choosing hoop earrings. You should choose a size that suits your face shape and neck length.

5. Statement earrings

Statement earring

Besides your lightweight everyday earrings and hoop earrings there’re one more type of earrings that you should have – the statement earrings. Now, this type of earrings come in many different shapes and types. From heavily jeweled hoops to colorful pieces of earrings with some other shape, there’s plenty of variety in market for statement earrings. You should choose one that matches your attire, and more importantly, is made from a metal that won’t be allergic to you. Statement rings work amazingly as both womens and mens wedding rings.

6. Delicate necklace

Delicate necklace

Just like everyday earrings, you should have a lightweight delicate necklace too for day to day use. It can be a thin gold chain with some amount of artwork, or it can also be a lightweight jeweled necklace. The beauty of these necklaces is that they work with almost any dress and hairstyle.

7. Statement necklace

Statement necklace

Delicate necklaces are good for day-to-day use, but for functions and gatherings you want something heavier. Statement necklaces are meant to serve that purpose. They cover your entire neckline, and increase the appeal of your overall look when coupled nicely with the attire. But there’s a major limitation associated with them – the limitation of trends. They’re among those jewellery items which fall in and out of trend from time to time, so don’t spend a lot of money on them.

8. Everyday Ring

Everyday Ring

An everyday ring is arguably the smallest piece of jewellery that a lady can wear, but it’s also pretty important. A light piece of gold or silver with a little amount of artwork in your finger can increase the appeal of your hands a lot, especially if it couples nicely with your bracelet and watch. However, keep your skin tone in mind while choosing an everyday ring. Again, you should have golden colored ring if your skin tone is warm, and silver colored one if your skin tone is cool.

9. Statement Ring

Statement Ring

A statement ring, like other pieces of statement jewellery, should be heavier than an everyday ring. It may have some gems studded into it, or it may be made entirely of metal, but the idea is that it should be bigger and easily visible than your everyday earring. You can wear it as a part of your casual outfit when going out somewhere. And yes – you can make it more personal by choosing the gem of your choice to be studded into it.

10. A locket

A locket

Finally, you should have a locket as it can add elegance to almost any outfit. Whether they’re dresses or your regular jeans-top, it can work wonders with all of them.

As long as you’ve these 10 items in your jewellery collection, you will never feel the lack of jewellery with any of your outfits. So get your fashion in order for the next year by making these items a part of your wardrobe, and do share your thoughts about your jewellery preferences in the comments. Happy and fashionable 2018 in advance!


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