Some Interesting Titbits about Oranges


Oranges are among the most favorite fruit in the world like mangoes, apples and bananas. The health benefits of oranges are well known. They are a popular content for fruit baskets gifted to loved ones.

But there are some interesting facts about oranges that are not so well known. Here is a sample of these facts:

    • Oranges (sweet oranges) are the fruits of the citrus species in Rutaceae family. They are a hybrid of Mandarin and Pomelo.

    • First mentioned in Chinese literature in 314 BC. Today, it is the most cultivated fruit tree in the world.
    • Brazil is the leading producer of oranges in the world.
    • Orange pulp is a very rich source of Vitamin C, which provides 64% of daily requirements of humans. As such it boosts the immunity of the body.
    • Orange is a type of berry.

    • Like other citrus plants, oranges thrive in moderate temperature.
    • Oranges that are commercially grown are being asexually propagated by grafting.
    • Some products of orange are fruit juice, jam (marmalade), sweet orange oil, orange peel etc.
    • Almost 85% of orange production is used to make orange juice.
    • Oranges are mostly domesticated, and it is rare to find wild species.

    • Christopher C Columbus is reputed to have brought the first oranges to the New World in 1493.
    • During the age of exploration, travelers and explorers planted oranges all over sea routes to prevent scurvy outbreak in sailors caused by deficiency of Vitamin C.
    • There are more than 600 types of oranges in the world.
    • A single orange contains ten segments usually.

    • Orange peel is used by gardeners as slug repellent.
    • White orange flowers are fragrant and used in decorations for head wreaths, bridal bouquets and cake decoration.
    • You can do well by buying cheap fruit baskets of oranges. You have to consume 7 cups of cornflakes to get the equivalent amount of fiber as much as a single orange.
    • Orange is world’s third most popular flavor after chocolate and vanilla.
    • Orange trees grow to 30 feet and are evergreens that last for nearly 100 years.
    • A single orange tree can produce over 60,000 flowers, but only 1% reaches the stage of fruits.
    • Valencia oranges are the most widely planted orange trees worldwide.
    • The name ‘orange’ comes from the Sanskrit name for it -‘Naranga’ meaning ‘fragrance’.
    • Oranges are the biggest citrus crop in the world.

  • Orange juice is the most popular juice in America.
  • Orange blossoms and oranges are symbols of love.
  • Florida oranges have a greener colour than California oranges. Chlorophyll from the fruit transfers to the surface of the orange due to the warm climate and makes it look greener.
  • Oranges are called as ‘fruits of the gods’. In Greek mythology, they are the golden apples stolen by Hercules.
  • Oranges are associated with fertility and used to decorate wedding, Valentine’s Day celebrations, etc mainly because it is an evergreen tree, which can simultaneously produce fruits, flowers and foliage.


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