8 Important Installation and Repair Tips before Selling your Home


As a sharp homeowner, you understand that before settling to sell your home, you need to ensure that first of all the house is in tip-top shape. Even as you do this, you should also ensure that you are well within your budget. Selling your home should not break your bank because you need to make home improvements to sell your house fast.

There are a few critical areas that you should focus on when making installations and repairs. This is before you sell your family home. You need to ensure that you don’t spend a fortune to get a higher asking price to sell home quickly.

This post has put together 10 essential tips to help you prioritize your installation and repairs before putting up your home for fast house sale.

1Fix Damaged Flooring

The one aspect of a home that has a great bearing on the asking price when selling a home is the quality of the flooring. A home can easily feel sad and out of touch because of certain aspects. It might be outdated carpeting, scratched-up wood flooring or ratty linoleum among other things.

A potential buyer will have a checklist and a good quality flooring will cut it. Therefore, the best way to go about this is by replacing what’s worn out and rejuvenating what still has some life in it. No buyer wants to spend time and money replacing damaging fever. Just put in new and neutral carpeting with some appeal. Moreover, if you have hardwood flooring, all you have to do is just refine them or invest in some composite or hardwood flooring.

2Get Rid of Water Stains

Your home may be having some plumping snafu that you have been ignoring for the longest time. You have probably learned to live with it already. This is something that should give you a nudge and get out of your comfort zone because it can easily deter your intention to sell your house fast.

Such water stains suggest that there could be pesky plumbing problems hidden away in beneath the surface. Therefore, you should mark this as important before you think about putting your family home on the market.

Bring in a plumber to check out all the possible piping issues, from leaky piping to yard drainage issues. When you discover all the problems, rectify all of them, including putting mechanisms in place to divert rainwater.

3Ventilation, Heating and Air-Conditioning Issues

Imagine its winter and you are putting up a fast house sale with a non-functional heater? This does not only apply over the winter but every other season. You have to ensure that the HVAC system is working properly before you sell house online.

A new HVAC system is quite expensive and that is probably why you are hesitant of replacing it. That’s understandable. However, you don’t need to replace it just because it isn’t currently working or it’s inefficient. Seek the services of a qualified technician. He will have a look and make the necessary repairs instead of buying a new one.

4Install an access control system

If your home already has an access control system, you are good to go. However, if you are yet to install access control to your home, it is about time you do because that’s among the things potential buyers look for.

An access control system is important for improving the security measures for your family home. It increases the level of security to your property thus improved feeling of safety. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your home is well protected.

Installing an access control will boost your chances of selling your home if you want to sell house online or through an agent. Ensure that the system is customisable, has duplicate key cards, and allows for remote access and easy log activity.

5Faulty wiring

Electrical problems are among the leading causes of house fires. Fixing faulty wiring can range from simple wiring to major and costly fixes. This entirely depends on the extent of damage to your home’s electrical system.

Chances are that the electrical work you will need to be done will be on a smaller scale. It might include damaged junction boxes, faulty light switches, missing wire nuts or damaged outlets. Such repairs can easily be done by a qualified electrician affordably. If there is any other major fix required, you might need to call your provider to have it sorted out.

6Sprucing the bathrooms

When it comes to the bathroom, simple and clean is the way to go. Any fixtures in the bathrooms including shower heads should be fully functional. The drains should be free of clogs. Replace any broken shower tiles and if you notice the bathtub’s acrylic is peeling off, let a professional resurface or replace it.

Additionally, ensure that the exhaust vent is operational while removing the steam from the shower. Moreover, if there is a need for new light fixtures and plumbing together with mirrors, ensure that you attend to them because they will create more value for your house.


How is your lawn like? any overgrown plantings? Are they wilted or worn? How is the ground cover? These are just some of the few questions just you should be asking yourself when it comes to landscaping.

You have to make sure that the planting beds are flourishing. At the same time, ensure that your front yard does not look or feel sparse. You can do this by investing in some new breed of flowers to add a bit of colour. Extend the same to your fence. If there are any overgrown branches or touching the roof, just trim them back.

8General exterior

The exterior projects around your home contribute to a significant percentage of the resale value of your home. Many exterior projects have a high payoff ratio. Some of them include the garage door, all exterior doors, the roof, drainage, eaves, foundation, decks, patio and curbing among other things.

These are just a few of the projects that you should centre your attention while doing some new installation or repairs. You need to repaint where you have to, replace where the need is and refine any surfaces like patio and decks to increase the value of your home.


You want to sell family home? These tips will go a long way in helping you improve the value of your home when you finally decide to put it up for sale. To sell family home doesn’t have to involve hefty expenditure. You just have to be smart about it.


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