The Unpopular Health Benefits of Oolong Tea


Water is said to be good for the body. But while this is certainly true, some people have a hard time drinking it because it’s too plain, and this is where tea comes in. Tea is a renowned healthy drink option. Lots of studies have pointed out the benefits that come with drinking tea.

Regardless of whether the tea is hot or cold, you will agree that it’s almost always a good refreshment option. Even though many people have of late become obsessed with green tea (matcha), you should note that oolong also happens to be a good alternative—an alternative that can help to enhance your general well being.

Oolong Tea—What Is It Exactly?

It’s made from the stems, buds, and leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The tea is slightly semi-oxidized and fermented, which gives it a taste that’s between that of green and black tea. While there exist numerous kinds of teas made from this plant, the most renowned oolong comes from loose leaf oolong.

But Why Oolong?

The oolong tea benefits range far and wide, which means that a single cup of this tea can greatly enhance your wellbeing.

Being among the most renowned and traditional kinds of tea in Taiwan and China, the tea is known to provide many benefits when consumed regularly. It comes packed with antioxidants. Loose-leaf oolong also combines caffeine and catechin which assists in fighting free radicals.

What’s Inside Oolong Tea?

A single serving of this cup of tea contains the following:
• Vitamin C: 100%
• Calories: 90
• Total Carbohydrates: 25g
• Fat: 0g
• Calcium: 4%
• Sodium: 10 mg
• Cholesterol: 0 mg

Oolong Tea Benefits

You will experience the following benefits when you start to drink this tea:

1Stabilizes Blood Sugar

The blood glucose levels are likely to become elevated when you are suffering from type 2 diabetes. Recent and past studies have indicated that people suffering from diabetes are likely to benefit from consuming oolong. Some studies have shown that oolong can assist in decreasing blood glucose to a much healthier level. Oolong has antioxidants derived from polyphenols which go a long way in metabolizing sugar.

2Boosts the Body’s Metabolism Leading to Weight Loss

Tea made using oolong assists your body to burn fat at a faster rate by raising its metabolism by up to 2 hours after you have taken the tea. The polyphenols in the tea are in a position to block enzymes known to assist in building fat. Simply put, taking the tea will help you to lose the unwanted body fat, provided that the tea isn’t loaded with artificial sweeteners and sugar. For those whose taste buds prefer sweet tea, they may want to consider adding minute amounts of agave syrup, maple syrup, or raw honey.

3Betters Your Skin Condition

Skin eczema is known to occur together with sensitivities or allergies. This tea can suppress the skin allergic reactions due to its ability to combat all the free radicals; which is an important healing property of any antioxidant. Apart from helping with eczema skincare, the antioxidants that are present in this tea are crucial for a look that is vibrant and youthful. Taking oolong tea regularly can assist in slowing down the skin’s aging process making it an ideal anti-aging tool.

4Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Oolong has for long been known to assist in promoting good heart health and reducing or lowering the cholesterol levels in the body. Given that this tea is partly oxidized, it’s able to produce a polyphenol molecule that’s perfectly sized. The molecule gets to activate the lipase enzyme that helps in dissolving body fat.

5Boosts Your Immune System

Tea made from the oolong leaf is also known for its anti-cancer properties. These are properties that assist your body to maintain a robust and healthy immune system. This tea contains antioxidant flavonoids which play an important role in preventing cellular damage. People who drink tea made from oolong loose leaf have been known to have a better production of anti-bacterial proteins. In short, such people have a better response whenever their body needs to fight off any infection.

6Enhances Mental Awareness

Another of its unknown benefits involve revitalizing mental alertness and naturally boosting your mental performance thanks to the presence of caffeine. Any person who’s sensitive to caffeine intake needs to exercise some caution when it comes to taking oolong. You should make sure that you have limited your daily consumption to a single steeped cup per day. Alternatively, consider indulging yourself a few times each week without overdoing it.

7Helps to Form Strong Bones and Prevents the Onset of Osteoporosis

Oolong can prevent osteoporosis and help your body to form stronger bones. People who frequently drink tea made from loose leaf oolong have a reduced chance of losing their bone mineral density. Oolong goes a long way in helping your body to retain the minerals from the healthy foods that you have ingested. Scientists have also established that oolong leaves contain calcium and magnesium.

8Prevents Tooth Decay

Both green tea and oolong can assist in protecting your teeth from the acid that is produced by certain types of bacteria. The growth of bacteria and the production of acid are all inhibited by this tea. This also means that the tea plays an important role in preventing the build-up of plaque and in keeping tooth decay at bay. However, if you need urgent dental care, be sure to fix painful oral issues with Dentist in Orlando.

9Promotes Healthy Hair

The fact that oolong has a high level of antioxidants means that it can easily assist in preventing hair loss. You will, however, need to prepare a tea rinse from its leaves. Apart from preventing the loss of hair, the tea will also ensure that you get to end up with hair that is shinier and thicker. Oolong not only adds luster to the hair, but it also assists in softening it.

10Aids Digestion

For people who are not sensitive to caffeine, oolong can assist in aiding digestion. When ingested, the tea alkalizes your digestive tract, and in the process gets to reduce inflammation in people who have ulcer and acid reflux problems. As the tea is mildly antiseptic, the tea from oolong leaves can also help to clear any bad bacteria present in the belly. Its smooth and calm flavor will assist to soothe your stomach when you take a hot cup of this tea.

Final Words

It’s recommended that you consume this tea in moderate amounts as too much caffeine intake can cause some side effects. At most, you should only take two cups of tea in a day. Where possible, take one cup in the morning and the second one in the afternoon to ensure that your sleep pattern will not get altered.


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