Where Should You Install an TV Antenna?


Are you wondering whether or not you should invest in a TV antenna for your home? Do you wonder where the best place is to put that antenna? If so, then you need to understand where to place that antenna and the factors that you should consider.

Doing so can help you get the most out of your channels. You or your loved ones will get as much visual clarity as possible. There are a few things that you should know before you buy one!

See below for an in-depth guide on TV antennas and the factors that you should consider when choosing their location.

How Can a TV Antenna Benefit You Today?

In the growing digital age, there are so many ways to get your hands on streaming services, cable TV, and have access to the channels that you’re looking for. The only problem with those options is that they have monthly fees and yearly service fees attached.

Some don’t mind that part of it. Others hate the thought of paying for a set of channels that they barely use. In fact, with cable, you’ll be charged for hundreds of channels that you will never use.

Case and point: studies have found that US adults receive an average of around 206 different channels for their TV subscriptions. Can you guess how many of those 200+ channels they actually ended up watching? Only 20.

Considering that channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and PBS are included in each subscription, that means they’re only using 15 other channels they wouldn’t have with a TV antenna. Is that worth the investment? Probably not.

Did you know that those five local channels are actually intended to be free? All you need to do to access them is invest in a TV antenna one time. Once you perform a successful TV antenna installation bam! free television.

Places to Consider Installing a TV Antenna

Now that you understand the reasons why you should invest in a TV antenna, the question still remains: where should you consider buying and installing your antenna?

Everyone is different, but those free local channels can be accessed from virtually anywhere. See below for a few common places that can thrive from having a TV antenna.

1Grandparent’s Home

Elderly people enjoy using TV as a means of entertainment, but they don’t need much as far as channels are concerned. They typically switch between 2 to 3 channels throughout the day.

Giving them hundreds of channels would just confuse them. It’s an unnecessary expense that they can’t justify making (in reference to cable TV). Instead, set them up with a TV antenna to give them the 5 local channels they need.

Those 5 channels with help them be able to watch their soaps, sports, sitcoms, reality TV shows, and anything else that they might find interesting.


Who doesn’t enjoy a good road trip? If you have an RV or are planning on getting one, then investing in a TV antenna makes a lot of sense!

It’s completely free and allows you to have a form of entertainment before bed at night or whenever you’re looking to unwind.

The only thing that changes as you travel is the news stations. Other than that, you have access to the same shows that you’d watch at home on channels such as NBC, CBS, Fox, PBS, and ABC.


Anyone who rents/buys a cottage isn’t doing so for the TV access. They’re doing it to enjoy the outdoors, as they’re generally located close to a lake or beach.

For that reason, they don’t need much in the way of TV. The local channels are more than plenty to watch a movie, sports games, or just a TV show to pass the time at night.

Installing a TV antenna makes a lot of sense on a cottage because it gives you TV access while giving you free channels without the monthly fees.

Factors to Consider When Installing the Antenna

Once you purchase the TV antenna, all that’s left to do is install it. But where? There area few different factors that you should consider as you do so. Here are the most important:

  • Height– This is the most important aspect of antenna placement. If your antenna isn’t high enough, then it will be more difficult for the antenna to catch the radio waves from the TV stations you want. Consider placing it at one of the highest points inside/outside your home.
  • Facing Direction– The radio waves that you’re trying to capture come from one place: the broadcast tower. For that reason, you need to intentionally face your antenna in their direction. If you aren’t sure where the nearest tower is, you can use online broadcast tower locators to help you do so.
  • Indoors or Outdoors– The answer, quite honestly, depends on the TV antenna that you purchase. Make sure to read the instructions to see whether the manufacturer recommends placing it inside or outside. Antennas that are intended for indoor use won’t hold up to the outdoor elements. If you wish to install it outside, make sure you buy an outdoor antenna.

Invest and Install a TV Antenna Today

Now that you have seen a guide explaining how a TV antenna can benefit you and where to consider installing them, there’s only one thing left to do: buy one!

Take a mental note of all of the different places you could install one. If you buy enough antennas upfront, then you’ll never have to pay for access to local channels again!

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