This Is How to Install Solar Panels the Correct Way


Have you noticed that traditional energy costs seem to never stop increasing?

Life is expensive enough without worrying about keeping your home heated or making sure the lights stay on. And yet each month, millions of homeowners struggle with the rising costs of electricity.

Fortunately, installing solar panels can help dramatically reduce the amount of money you spend on heating, cooling, and powering your home. This article takes a look at how to install solar panels properly so you can enjoy free energy from the sun.

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Choose the Best Location on Your House

First things first, you need to locate the best area of your home to install the panels. The key is to focus on maximizing exposure to sunlight. This should be pretty obvious considering the panels will be useless if the sun can’t reach them.

Keep in mind that every home is different. This means you’ll need to carefully assess which part of your house to perform the installation. You might mount them on the roof or need to place the mounting platform on a pole in the backyard. You’d be wise to consult a professional installation company before beginning the process.

Construct a Platform

Next, you’ll need to build the platform where the solar panels will be mounted.

The framework should be made of metal or aluminum rails, and make sure it’s strong enough to handle extreme weather conditions including wind, rain, and snow. It also needs to be big enough for mounting several panels.

Be sure to include conduits in the design so that you can run the wiring from the platform to send the solar energy to your house.

Mount the Solar Panels on the Platform

When building your solar panel platform, you’ll need to use the necessary brackets, bolts, and clamps. This will help ensure that every feature remains securely in place once all the components are mounted.

It’s crucial to make sure everything is mounted securely and held firmly in place on the platform while avoiding damage to the roof or the solar panels.

Connecting the Components

Just to state the obvious, getting the wiring right is incredibly important. Otherwise, you won’t be able to collect solar energy for use inside your home.

Each electronic component matters and even one small mistake could cause problems. Thus it’s always wise to hire an experienced and qualified company for solar panel installation.

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Perform a Test Run

Once you have everything in place, take the time to perform a test run. Do your residential solar panels send energy to your home as intended? Are you able to turn on the lights and operate appliances? If not, you’ll need to troubleshoot until the problem is isolated and corrected.

How to Install Solar Panels

Everyone would like to save as much money as possible on their energy bill. But it’s equally as important to protect the environment wherever you can. That’s why deciding to install solar panels on your home is so important.

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