Guide to Finding Small Office Space for Rent in Singapore


Are you planning to start a small office-based venture? Do you intend to jump-start your freelancing career? If so, you must be happy to know that many folks share similar interests like you. The truth is small businesses have better profit potency. Also, they warrant a minimal investment. So, a majority of individuals go after a small venture. However, having the right office is the key. If you lag here you won’t scale much. Finding small office space for rent in Singapore turns out to be a better bet.

Tips to choose a small rented office

When it comes to choosing an office, many folks seem to be in haste. They hardly do any legwork and pick the place impulsively. Unfortunately, a majority of them end up with a less pleasing workplace. Do you wish to experience such a situation? Your most likely answer will be negative. On the contrary, you may want an office that goes well with your choices and lets you scale your business. Here’s how to find such a rented office.

Define your needs

The selection of an ideal office begins with some serious legwork on your end. First of all, determine the nature of your business. You may wonder what that has to do with the choice of the workplace. Well, the type of your venture plays a significant role in deciding whether a given place is perfect for your business. For instance, a freelancing business may need compact space. On the flip side, a consultancy firm that expects guests regularly may want a bigger area.


The devices you use also dictate the area of the workplace. For instance, if you need an office for freelancing, you want a desk, a chair, and a computer or laptop. So, a small workplace should suffice your needs. If you want to podcast, you need a myriad of devices such as a microphone, editing software, and other equipment. Plus, you may want to record the interviews of popular celebs. Such an adjustment warrants a spacious office. Take into account the number of applicants/devices for your venture and measure the approximate area beforehand. That should avoid issues later on.


The location has an important part in the selection of small office space for rent in Singapore. A freelancer that doesn’t expect any guests may not bother much about the locality. He just needs a quiet place to resume his work. What about a businessman that expects regular clients/investors? Such a business may want to choose the best location. He has to ensure that the locality is posh, crime-free, and clean.

Rental charges

Of course, you don’t want to spend more on rent. Instead, you’d like to make the most out of a small budget. Comparison shopping may help out here. Seek quotes from multiple renting services. Compare their rates and facilities minutely. Finally, settle with the company that offers top-class offices at optimal rental charges

Bottom line

Finding an ideal office for your venture can be a big challenge. However, you can get through this chore smartly. Just adhere to the above advice to find the best office matching your specifics.


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