5 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Living Space


Aaaah! That’s the feeling you want to get when you see your outdoor living space. Relaxing, serene, and like you want to live there every day, all day. But that’s not how it always is. If you are looking at your backyard and you feel like something is missing, or something needs to change, then these five ways to improve your outdoor living space will come in handy for you. Let’s get to it.

1. Know what you need

All creations start with a plan. The heart of your project is answering the question: “What do I want from my backyard?” For most people, a place to hang out with friends, relax with a glass of wine and a great book, or just roast some meat with family is often the reason for a makeover.  Once you settle on your ideas, take a close look at your finances, and figure out how much you need for the renovation. Depending on your plans, you may salvage some items you still have in your house, so you save a few bucks here and there, or you can refurbish some old pieces into new creations. The best thing about a backyard improvement is that it adds value to your home. Although it might cost you a pretty penny now, you will recover at least 70% of the cost when you decide to sell the house.

2. Add a water feature

Throughout history, water has been recognized to have healing and soothing powers by philosophers, religious clerics, and physicians. It’s a great source of white noise that your mind can enjoy without getting attached to a particular tone. This fosters relaxation and peace, calming you. Water fountains for your garden will also boost curb appeal and property value, adding visual interest and charm for potential home buyers. Fountains improve air quality and reduce noise pollution. Are you a lover of animals? Imagine you are relaxing in your backyard, and a cute little bird lands on your fountain and takes a few sips or a bubbling birdbath. Birds, squirrels, faunas, and rabbits are naturally going to enjoy the clean water and thrive your fountain will bring, adding to the background noises that are oh so calming for you and your family.

3. Plant herbs and other edibles

Nature has a way of calming the soul. The beautiful colorful scenery and green make you relax and feel like you can take on anything the world throws your way. Today, herbs are more popular because of their unique tastes and capability to elevate even the simplest dish to a delicacy. You can plant some basil, mint, thyme, rosemary, and sage and use them in summer and well into fall. If you have a drier, you can keep some for winter and spring as you wait for the next season. Herbs also keep insects at bay so that you won’t see annoying mosquitos in your back yard. You can finally relax on the hammock without fighting these dreaded insects.

4. Add a fire feature

An outdoor fire pit is known mostly because of keeping the whole family warm, but it offers more than that. For starters, it creates the perfect cozy atmosphere for your yard, where you can snuggle up with family and friends and chat the hours away. The irresistible ambiance it creates makes it the perfect focal point for everyone to chill. They are useable all year round, especially if you opt for a ceramic indoor fire pit. You can easily transform your Halloween and Christmas for a euphoric experience and longer celebrations. Outdoor evening parties with friends will be a bliss as the fire keeps the bugs away.

5. Build a privacy wall

Are homes close together in your neighborhood? It’s easy to feel like you live in a fishbowl when your neighbors are so close to you. You can barely have a party in peace or enjoy your evening without feeling prying eyes looking at you. A privacy wall will come in handy, so you can finally relax and enjoy the outdoors without feeling like you need to be careful of what you do. It will also add a design element to your space, which will be an advantage when you want to sell the house.

Some of the improvements can be tackled on the weekend, especially if you are creative, and you enjoy working with your hands on a DIY project. If not, you may need a professional to come in and help you.


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