6 Changes to Make to Improve Your Health Today


Everyone wants to be better which also means everyone wants to get healthier. However, making drastic changes in your lifestyle and daily habit can be incredibly challenging. Too many people feel overwhelmed by what they believe they have to do that they end up giving up and returning back to their less than healthy selves.

You see, many people have the motivation to get healthier, but they are unrealistic about how to get there. The best way to become healthier is to incorporate small changes regularly that overtime compound into you being an overall healthier person!

All you have to do is commit to one small step today and another one next week and you will be well on your way to becoming the next Gwyneth Paltrow.

Here are six changes to make to improve your health today.

1. Have a glass of lemon water as soon as you wake up.

One of the simplest (but most effective) ways to up your health game is by having a glass of lemon water each morning as soon as you wake up.

All you have to do is keep a pitcher of room temperature water close by so that each morning you can quickly squeeze the juice from half a lemon (or, if you’re over 150 pounds, a whole lemon) into a cup of water.

Why should you do this? Well, the citrus fruit is rich in many antioxidants and has the potential to help clear up and boost many parts of your body.

Drinking lemon water each morning will help with constipation, UTI and bad breath. It can also assist with your weight loss goals, clearing up your skin, and boosting your immune system. Additionally, it will aid in battling aches and pains, reducing phlegm, strengthening the brain, and cleansing the liver — and those are only some of the benefits!

2. Spend 10 minutes meditating each morning.

In our fast-paced rat-race world, it can be years before you can take some time to breathe and sit in silence. Meditation is becoming a part of many people’s morning routines due to the health and wellness benefits it brings.

Meditation allows you to take some time to disconnect from your mind, body and responsibilities and to just sit in silence. Not only will your brain benefit, but so will your cardiovascular health. This is because taking 10 minutes to concentrate on your breathing helps release tension, reduces your heart rate, and manages stress levels and pressure. It can also lower pain and improve sleep quality.

In addition to meditating in the morning (consider using an app like Headspace while you get into the routine), take a few deep breaths throughout the day to clear your mind and remain grounded and healthier.

To really take your wellness game to the next level, book a holistic massage course so that you can learn more about the human body and use this knowledge to help other people, too.

3. Drink more water.

This isn’t the first time you have heard this, nor will it be the last, but everyone needs constant reminders when it comes to drinking enough water.

You should be aiming to drink 64 ounces or two liters of water per day, which seems like a lot but is actually quite easy to do if you stay mindful of it. In addition to your lemon water in the morning (yes, that counts!), keep a refillable water bottle with you at all times so that you can drink water while on the go.

There are so many times when your body becomes incredibly thirsty. However, your brain may understand it as hunger. When you get snack cravings, first drink a big bottle of water and wait a few minutes to discern if you are still hungry.

Additionally, if your morning coffee isn’t waking you up as much as you would like it to, try drinking some water before reaching for your coffee mug. Drinking water (preferably with lemon!) gets your metabolism going right away and will wake you up more naturally.

Additionally, avoid mid-morning slump by replacing your usual brew with a caffeine pterostilbene cocrystal.

Usually taken in the form of a supplement, health drink or energy bar, caffeine pterostilbene cocrystal delivers 30 percent more caffeine than ordinary coffee. The energy boost is gradual and natural, so you feel more refreshed and energized throughout the day. This ingredient also offers numerous health benefits such as maintaining heart health and regulating blood sugar levels.

4. Commit to a sleep schedule.

Too many people blame their erratic sleep schedule on outside forces when, in reality, they should be taking control of it. Whether you suffer from insomnia, sleep deprivation, or just bad-quality shut-eye that results in a less-than-sharp mind, establishing a sleep schedule and committing to it will help cure it.

All it takes? Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day.

Make sure that you are getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. Keep in mind that sleep deprivation is linked to everything from headaches to cancer.

Make sure to power down all your electronic devices at least an hour before you settle down; otherwise, you are hindering yourself from reaching the deepest cycles of sleep.

5. Put your screen down.

While our devices help up in a lot of aspects (apps that help you track your water intake, to provide you with guided meditation, and to help you sleep), in many ways, they are one of the most significant detriments to our health.

Whether you spend your time staring at a screen on a mobile device, on a television, or on a computer, there is a good chance you need to take some regular time away from it.

Not only does an abundance of screen time contribute to obesity, it also reduces your overall satisfaction with your life and disturbs your sleep.

This week make a thorough effort to limit the time you spend looking at screens outside of work hours – pick up a book instead!

6. Smile.

Last but not least, smile! Study after study proves that those who are consistently happy and positive in life also end up being healthier.

You can smile right this moment!

Take the time to do the things and be with the people that make you smile and laugh. And remember Thich Nhat Hanh’s brilliant words, “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

Choosing to incorporate just one of these tips into your daily routine is a surefire way to becoming healthier today. What tips and tricks do you have to become the best version of yourself you can be? Let us know in the comments below!


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