The Importance of Air Conditioning In Your Home And Office


The advantages and disadvantages of using air conditioning have caused quite a bit of controversy over the last few years. If we simply limited ourselves to surveying the detractors of these refrigeration systems, we would be able to draw up an endless list of damages, not only for our health but also for the neighborhood, among other aspects; and the result would be similar if we focused only on those who are in favor of its use.

Advantages of air conditioning

The reality is that, as in many other situations, the benefits or damages of air conditioning will depend on the perspective with which it is analyzed and the use that is given to it. It is always best to look at the best systems for your needs; you may want to look here for further inspiration. Not all are cons when mentioning the health effects of this type of device. Currently, the vast majority of homes and office buildings are not built with the consideration of withstanding extreme temperatures, which means that even more heat can be detected inside them than outside them. High temperatures can cause a lack of energy and fatigue—in many cases caused by dehydration as a result of sweating, by low blood pressure, and by the body’s lack of adaptation to these temperatures. Furthermore, exceeding the so-called sleep threshold temperature, which is usually between 22 and 24ºC, can cause insomnia and the resulting unwanted effects that damage our health. The correct use of air conditioning eliminates these effects by setting the room temperature at the optimum levels to allow you to comfortably carry out your daily routine. It makes the working environment more comfortable and offers health benefits, which is important during the hotter months.

Disadvantages of air conditioning

Although the disadvantages are small, you should be aware of them before you check the type of system you want installed. A notable disadvantage is that in most cases many people are affected as they share the same room, whether this is an office, a cinema, or the family home. Generally, tolerance to different temperatures is not always the same in all people. This on many occasions generates two main health problems. Firstly, it can cause the chills, and secondly, and even more frequently especially in work environments, an increase in the level of stress in those who are not comfortable with the established temperature. However, these problems can be easily sorted and overall, air conditioning is important for both the home and the office.

Given the pros and cons, it follows that the ideal would be to have homes and offices with the appropriate design and insulation so that they stay cool in summer and warm during winter. Elements such as windows or doors can greatly help this thermal insulation, but whether you’re installing a system in the home or in the office, it is important that you consider why it is a truly vital factor.


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