List of the Best Ideas for Writing BSN Nursing Capstone Project in 2019


Many nursing students can feel intimidated by the need of having to develop a nursing capstone project. It’s the culminating research that one undertakes as part of the course requirements.

It gives the student an opportunity to demonstrate their acquired knowledge, and experience, and how they can apply it in a real-world scenario. If you don’t know where to start in writing BSN nursing capstone project, this article will provide you with a guiding hand.

First things first:

What Makes a Great Nursing Capstone Project Idea?

Your choice of nursing project topic will determine whether you complete the research in time, or get stuck along the way. Therefore, it’s important to think carefully about the subject that you choose to address.

The topic should be:

  • Relevant: it needs to be on an issue that’s within your area of study. Also, it should solve a real-world problem. Thus, it would be best if you focused on practice-based applications.
  • Feasible: since it’s part of your course requirements, it would help if you could finish the project within the stipulated timeline. That may require you to narrow down your topic to address a specified problem and audience.
  • Original: choose an issue that hasn’t been solved before. Just redoing the work of another will do you no good. Though, you can build or add to previously researched works.

Choosing a topic that intrigues you will also make the capstone writing process more enjoyable. Also, it will give you the needed motivation to keep going, when you don’t feel like it.

Finding Inspiration to Develop a Winning Nursing Capstone Project

Don’t know how to generate appropriate nursing practicum ideas? Below are ways to help you find inspiration to create and pick the right topic idea:

a) Research areas of interest and relevance to your future career. From journal articles, papers, and other publications. Identify any problems highlighted for future research that may intrigue you.

b) Draw ideas from your work experience. It could be a challenge that you encountered, and that could form a unique project.

c) Review your previous papers and class work. Look for ideas that could become the ideal capstone topic. You can also brainstorm ideas with your peers.

Most nursing capstone ideas fall into three broad categories. Management deals with regulations, processes, and rules that form part of the existing practice of patient care. The Clinical class addresses issues in the treatment of patients.

The last category is Education. It covers ways of raising awareness of preventive methods and better health practices. If the above-listed methods of brainstorming ideas for your nursing project don’t prove as useful then you can go through the list below:

Best Ideas for Nursing Capstone Project

  • Prevention of Lyme Disease and its effect on children
  • Policy development in the community
  • Effective models for patient visitation
  • The professional development and training of nursing staff
  • A review of the roles of nursing staff
  • Improving infant health using breastfeeding support
  • An easy way to calculate the proper dosage
  • Advocacy for public health in rural areas
  • Effective practices of collecting data on school health
  • Challenges faced by nursing staff in the public sector
  • Practical ways to manage pain in the ICU
  • Benefits of adopting healthcare software in the education and training of nursing staff
  • Addressing the challenge of a limited number of nurses
  • Ways to deal with abusive patients, and the rights of a nurse
  • Emotional treatment of patients
  • Computerizing nursing services
  • Best nursing practices and time management
  • How to achieve work-life balance as a nurse
  • Graduate nurses career options
  • Medical ethics: how to deal with a terminal diagnosis

Call to Action

There are various avenues to draw inspiration for your nursing capstone topic. Choose one that is relevant and can be applied in the real world. Remember, it should be something that interests you too.


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