Why Hotels Should Go Green


Environmental sustainability is becoming more popular than ever, especially in business. And it’s easy to see why – agencies dedicated to it can often reap many rewards.

But are these effects dependent on industry? What about services that may consume lots of energy on a regular basis, like hotels.

To answer this, we explain what hotels stand to gain from going green – and how they can get there.

It Attracts More Customers

Businesses that are visibly dedicated to helping the environment seem to be gaining more traction with the press. Why is this? Because programmes like Blue Planet 2 and stark warnings from scientists have helped to transform public attitudes towards our treatment of the Earth.

As a result, more people than ever are looking for ways to reduce their effect on the planet. And this extends to where they choose to stay while they’re away from home.

So, members of the hotel industry can showcase their commitment to sustainability through marketing and social outreach – and attract more customers in the process.

It’s Easier Than Ever to Do

Lucky for all of us, environmental care is easier than ever. The Alliance to End Plastic Waste – which was set up earlier this week – proves this. These kinds of initiative illustrate how environmental responsibility is becoming a major priority across all sectors of the business world.

With this in mind, the future looks bright for agencies that want to impact the environment positively. If you seek immediate results, however, don’t worry – leading companies like UtilityWise provide green energy solutions that are reliable and affordable.

The level of cost-effectiveness and instant access that services like this could hold the key to energy sustainability for hotels.

Given how trouble-free it can be, why shouldn’t you make your hotel greener?

It Enhances the Brand

Great news! Recycling isn’t just good for the planet – it’s good for your work force, too.  The introduction of a waste reduction initiative that involves all employees could heighten morale,and in turn employee brand loyalty.

In fact, according to Business Matters, the right recycling strategy has the power to enhance a company in several ways. With your vast experience in the service industry, you will no doubt stress the importance of good waste management. Therefore, why not work with your staff to create a plan that could clear the work space and boost positivity within the team?

There are several reasons for going green. But until very recently, the corporate world seemed to be doing very little to save the planet. Thanks to cultural movements, however, more businesses than ever are striving to do their bit. This shows how easy it for any company to embrace environmental sustainability – including those in the hotel industry.


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