The Aftermath: Preventive Tips to Home Restorations After Damaging Natural Disasters


Natural disasters have devastating effects on families all over the world but where it impacts families the most is on their homes. Your home is your safe haven and when it’s damaged, it can cause difficult living situations and even emotional damages. But even through the devastation of surviving a natural disaster, there is some relief. You’ll finally be able to do those home renovations you’ve been meaning to do but never got around to.

Does that sound a little selfish or insensitive? Maybe, but you have to find a silver lining somewhere in a devastating situation, right? Restoration is the silver lining. Now, the thing to understand about restorations is that it’s a two-step process. You first have the cleanup process and then you have the actual restoration process. But before any of that happens there’s one very important thing you need to do first. Call your homeowner’s insurance company.

First Thing’s First… Call Your Insurance Company

 Before you do anything, you have to deal with your insurance company… That’s just added exhaustion to your plate, but it’s something that has to be done and plus, you’re paying for it every month and now’s the time to use it; emergencies like this are what it’s for.

One thing that should make you feel a little better is that in your process of restoration, you don’t have to settle for contractors your insurance company recommends… you can choose the contractor of your choice to make sure they’re the right one for you.

For example, if a wind storm does severe damage to the siding of your home, you can call a top exterior siding installer like Kansas City Siding versus settling for what your insurance company recommended. The important thing to remember here is that the restorations your home undergoes during this difficult time can be done for preventive measures to ensure that the next time a natural disaster occurs, your home will be prepared for it.

Take a look at some preventive tips to home restorations after a natural disaster.

Preventive Home Restoration Tips After a Natural Disaster

Tips For Water Damages

Water damage poses two major threats to a home… fire and mold and mildew. Standing water puts your home at risk for fires because standing water can cause electrical shortages in the home’s wiring. A single spark can set a home in flames in an instant. And there’s an increased risk of electrocution.

The other major threat is mold and mildew. Mold and mildew is something that builds over time and water damage only breeds it even more. You’ll be able to reduce the chances of it growing during the cleanup process if done properly. You’ll need to find the right contractor to inspect your home for mold and mildew before starting official renovations on your home. Not doing so can cause severe health problems and also cause the mold and mildew to reoccur.

Tips For Fire Damages

The sun’s heat isn’t necessarily a natural disaster but it can certainly be a natural hazard. If you live in an area where the heat is too hot, it can not only cause serious health concerns but it can also wreak havoc on your home.

Making sure your home is properly insulated, updating faulty wiring, and checking for rotted wood, all play a role in the prevention of natural fire disasters. Just look at how Australia was impacted by the climate. According to Yahoo, 3,000 homes were destroyed or damaged from climate change-related bushfires.

Tips For Wind and Hail Damages

Wind and hail might seem like it’s the least damaging natural disaster but if you know anything about tornadoes and baseball-size hail, then you know it can cause significant harm to your home.

Severe hail and wind storms break windows and damage roofing and siding. If your home endured a severe storm that caused damages to your siding, windows, or roof, the preventive measure would be to find a contractor that will not only be able to restore your home but to weatherproof it as well.

Always Seek the Help of Professionals

When it comes to restoring your home back to its original state, you never want to attempt any of these renovations on your own… it’s just too risky. These renovations are definitely going to have a heftier price tag, to say the least, but your health and safety come first.  

The fact that you survived such a disaster shows your perseverance, and if you can weather those types of storms, you can definitely weather a hefty restoration bill. And remember, you’re not going it alone, completely… you have your reliable insurance that will help you with your damages as well!


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