Should You Hire a Professional for Quartz Countertop Installation or DIY?


If you are remodeling your kitchen or have been doing some research on remodeling, you have probably seen the massive popularity of quartz countertops. Quartz counters are being used in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other rooms in people’s homes.

Quartz has seen a rise in popularity for good reason. It is extremely durable and versatile making it a solid choice for any homeowner.

Quartz can be cut

Quartz is an engineered stone that is cut into slabs. It is made out of quartz and other recycled materials, instead of natural stone that is quarried. Many people choose quartz for its eco-friendly properties.

If the slab does not fit the right size of your kitchen, it can be cut accordingly. It cannot be cut back though or added back onto another piece. This means that proper measuring for the slabs is crucial. It is recommended that you get a professional to do the measuring and the cutting. Granite countertop contractor Springfiel would know the right technique to cut it right in just one take. To learn more about granite countertops, visit:

Most professionals will tape wood pieces around the counters and take very accurate measurements. They will also measure around your appliances and the sink. If you plan to change any of these features, let the contractor know. It is best if they measure with the new appliances.

With this full and thorough template, they will be able to have a very accurate measurement template. This template can then be taken to the hardware store or manufacturer to see how much quartz you need.

Quartz is heavy

Quartz countertops will be extremely heavy. It will not be possible for you to move a quartz slab by yourself. If you choose to DIY, you will need to at least have a friend or family member to help you.

Quartz is not fragile, so if you drop the slab, it will probably not break. However, it could break other things. Some people have been seriously injured when installing quartz in a DIY method. Quartz is so strong that it can even dent or damage your floor if dropped.

Always ask a family member or spouse to help you with the installation. Try to seek advice from a local professional or watch DIY videos for assistance.

Get the right tools

Buying the right tools can be expensive, so if you don’t have any at all, hiring a professional might actually be cheaper.

You will also need to ensure that your cabinets are sturdy. If you have any doubt that your cabinets may not hold the quartz, do not install the counters. Ask a professional to look at your cabinets and see how much weight they can hold.

You may need to reinforce your cabinets by adding solid wood under the cabinets to help hold the weight.

If the quartz ends up not being the right size, you will need to buy cutting materials. This probably includes a wet saw. When cutting quartz, you will also need to buy protective materials like an eye mask and a cover for your mouth.

Buy polishing materials as well. All quartz will need to be polished before it can be cooked on or used in the kitchen. Make sure you do not polish it too hot or will melt and char. Then you will have to spend more money to get new slabs.

You will also need to buy silicone sealing. This will help the sink sealing to be airtight.

Cover the entire area

If you do not cover the flooring and cabinets, they can get ruined during quartz installation. You will need to use masking tape to cover the cabinets. This will keep adhesive and sealing materials from dripping and drying on the cabinets.

Make sure the cabinets and floors are also covered to avoid dust and debris. If you do not cover the area correctly, it will involve hours of cleanup later.

So, should you do DIY quartz?

This depends on you. If you have the proper help and the proper tools, you can DIY. However, buying all the proper tools and getting someone to help you may prove pretty difficult. It would have to be a pretty good and strong friend to lift more than 300 pounds of quartz slabs.

Materials like wet saws and protective gear can get pricey, so consider renting them or borrowing them If you can.

Even if you do DIY, you will probably end up paying a plumber or electrician to finish off some of the work. Most quartz installation includes a new sink and new piping which is pretty hard to DIY.

Our advice is to hire a professional

A professional is a better idea for several reasons. The chances of getting hurt while installing quartz slabs are pretty high if you are inexperienced. A professional will bring their highly experienced team to make sure the slabs are installed correctly and leveled.

A professional can also ensure that measuring is done correctly. If you measure the kitchen yourself and get slabs that are too large, you will have to cut them all down yourself and do it very accurately.

If you get slabs that are too small, the slabs are useless, and you will have to start all over. Professionals will also have all the proper materials and tools to cut the slabs which means you won’t have to buy anything.

Professionals will also have all the right gear to cover your kitchen. This will make sure no damage happens to your cabinets or flooring. A contractor can also work with a plumber that they already know to get the sink installed. Teams that are experienced in working together can get the job done quicker with no hiccups.

The price that you pay the contractor will also include the clean-up. Sometimes cleaning the kitchen after a remodel can take hours or days. It is better to let professionals clean everything to make sure nothing dangerous is left behind.


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