Not Just for the Rich and Famous: How to Affordably Hire a Private Plane Charter


The sky is more crowded than ever. Commercial flights have been increasingly scrutinized for their crowded flights, in lack of hospitality, and ever-increasing prices.

But, alas, frequent flight patrons continue to use them because they have no other choice. The amenities and conveniences of a private plane charter are reserved only for those with more money than sense.

Or so we’ve been told.

Despite the perception that private flights are a luxury that cannot be afforded by average people, the reality may actually be quite different.

The dream of jetting around the globe in style and doing all the lavish things that go along with it is intoxicating, and now, has never been closer to reality.

How To Charter a Plane

The first question you probably have is, “where do I even go to see if I can get a private jet charter?”

A fair question, and the answer is that initially, you may have to do a little more legwork than you would just buying a ticket with Delta. But if you find a quality charter plane company such as Erceg Aviation, you may find the experience to be 100% seamless.

Plus, the added atmosphere and amenities that come with a private jet charter far outweigh any unfounded concerns about booking.

Besides, it’s not like booking with a commercial airline is a picnic, or even guarantees you won’t be stranded.

In the past, just attempting to obtain information regarding the availability and pricing of charter flights was simply not conducive or practical for an average Joe of average means.

You can now find websites for large and small aviation companies that now offer pricing and availability of private charter flights.

Sound Too Good To Be Affordable?

It would be understandable to have this sentiment. But the costs are not what you may think, in addition to the fact that many companies are now restructuring the costs of private jet charters in order to make private charters a legitimate option for those who aren’t a millionaire.

Also of common practice for obtaining last minute deals is the calling of an aviation company mere days before you need to fly, and ask what deals they may have. This option is great if you can spring at the last minute, but not practical for a great many of us.

Perhaps the most telling piece of advice that can be given is to share whenever possible.

By this, I mean that if you want to take a private plane charter somewhere and you find a plane with say, six empty seats, you can greatly reduce the cost of your individual ticket by having the cost of the charter split 6 ways among other people. This has two distinct advantages in terms of pricing:

  1. A private aviation company is more likely to give a deal on a flight if you are able to book all of the seats together available as opposed to a single one.
  2. If you charter a private jet alone with 5 extra empty seats, you will be paying a heck of a lot more for your single ticket than if you are able to find friends or acquaintances that need to go to the same destination and are able to split the cost of the charter with you. As the number of flyers going with you increases, the cost of your individual ticket decreases.

Chartering ‘Round The World

After figuring out how to take a sweet private plane charter, why not use it? Find some sweet destinations to take your private charter flight!

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  1. This is definitely a turner for those, I included, who thought that private plane charter is way over the top when it comes to cost. You had me raise my eyebrow there for a minute.


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