How to Enjoy a Stylish Holiday


If you’re the type of person that enjoys living the high-life, then why allow for your holiday to be anything but supremely stylish? To fit the bill in this instance, you’re going to need to look the part, your accommodation has to be perfect, and you have to take part in a number of particular activities.

To ensure that your next getaway is stylish, you need to heed all of the advice that is listed below.

Take care when it comes to packing

You can’t just throw any old pieces of clothing into your suitcase and hope for the best if your goal is to enjoy a truly stylish holiday. You have to take care when it comes to purchasing and packing your clothes, as one mistake could lead to a serious fashion faux-pas.

In this instance, you should:

  • Forget about packing light — bring anything and everything you need to look your best at all times!
  • Invest in a stylish suitcase — you might not wear your suitcase but it can be deemed as an accessory, so inexplicably ugly luggage is a definite no-no.
  • Make sure to bring wire hangers and dry-cleaner bags — you don’t want your clothes looking anything other than their absolute best, do you?
  • Take a few risks — you’re going to a different country, so there’s nothing stopping you from being a bit ‘out there’ with your style choices.

Stay in high-end accommodation

To look stylish, you have to feel stylish. You aren’t going to feel stylish, however, if you don’t stay in accommodation that oozes luxury at every turn.

To find accommodation where the finer things in life come as standard (all for a reasonable price, of course), you’re going to have to shop the market. The first place that you should turn to in this instance should be James Villa Holidays — they offer luxury villa holidays where quality linen and towels are offered, king size beds are made available, and first-class facilitiescome with the price.

Partake in sophisticated activities

You aren’t going to be truly stylish on your holiday if you don’t resolve to partake in sophisticated activities. This means avoiding going out on heavy drinking sessions, lounging around at the beach all day, and night-long karaoke sessions. Some sophisticated activities include:

For you to be able to enjoy a truly stylish holiday, taking the above advice is essential. You have to pack the right kinds of clothes into the right kind of suitcase, you have to stay in accommodation that is of the highest quality possible, and you have to enjoy a number of sophisticated activities.

Above everything else, you have to enjoy your holiday — you work hard all year, so you deserve to! If this means completely avoiding the advice above and wearing what you like, staying where you want, and doing things that you enjoy, then do it.


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