How Much Does It Cost to Hire Movers? A Price Guide


Moving day can either be something you get through or something you really enjoy. You’re more likely to enjoy it if you plan it out well and also get the best price for these services.

But how much does it cost to hire movers? What details affect the cost?

Read on to get a primer for your next big move.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers?

People pay a little under $1,000 for a move, on average. These prices are usually issued by the hour or at a flat fee. Regardless of how you’re charged, it’s important that you know this cost upfront.

Always shop around for price estimates, whether you’re hiring movers in Huntsville Alabama, or elsewhere. When you have an estimate in writing or digital, you can use it to shop around for the best prices.

Calculate the Miles of Your Move

Distance plays a big factor in how much you will pay for a move. When you get an itemized bill for the move, it will generally include a per-mile rate.

Every mover charges differently, but you can get a clearer idea about how much you’ll pay when you calculate the exact mileage. If your move is close and localized, the mover may also charge you a minimum rate.

Figure Out How Many Belongings You’re Taking With You

Expect the price to go up based on how many belongings you’re bringing with you. Movers generally charge based on how many rooms you’re moving, the square footage of your home, or the weight of the belongings that you’re moving.

You should factor in how many boxes, heavy items, and awkward items that are included in the move.

Account For Labor and Any Obstacles

Labor costs are also included in any itemized moving bill. The amount of labor will depend on how many movers the company staffs and how easy or difficult it’ll be lifting and maneuvering your belongings.

Expect to pay more if you have stairs, multiple flights, heavy and fragile items, safety hazards, and other potential obstacles. Bring a mover out to survey your property and to give their assessment on these types of issues.

Map Out Travel and Lodging, If Necessary

Plan out your travel costs if you’re doing a long-distance move. This will cost you more in gas mileage since the movers have to travel further.

You’ll also have to account for your hotel stays and the cost of car rentals or your own gas money. Your mover may also charge you overnight fees in these situations. Factor in meals, time for stops, and other factors whenever you know your move is more complicated.

Talk to a Few Different Moving Companies For Price Estimates

It’s in your best interest to shop for price estimates with a few different movers. Each mover will have different price estimates for you based on the aforementioned factors and others.

When you speak to different movers in your area, you’ll quickly get a feel for the going rate and whether any companies are price gouging. During this research time, you should also look into the quality and credibility of the moving professionals that you’re going to do business with.

Each moving professional will have their own schedules that you’ll need to account for as well. Companies that are more booked up will likely charge you more for their most sought after dates. Ask these movers whether they have any specials they can tell you about.

Many professionals can offer you discounts upon request even if they weren’t openly advertised.

Determine What Services You Need

No two moves are just alike, so make sure that you account for every service that you need. For instance, maybe you’ll need to rent out your own van or truck. Perhaps you would like the movers to provide you with storage rentals or other kinds of equipment.

The movers may also have some services that they can upsell you, which allows for a bundle or discount on the total service. Consider every facet of your move so that you’re ready to make a decision once your mover offers a price.

Factor in Insurance and Study the Contract

Moving insurance is definitely an optional add-on that you should always consider.

The insurance policy will help you out in the event that something breaks or gets lost during the move. Professional moving companies provide insurance policies, and you can also use your homeowner’s insurance plan to cover it.

Read through the insurance policy so that you know in detail what it entails and whether you need to purchase more.

Always study the contract and don’t sign off on it until you’re aware of each variable. Have the movers explain any policy to you that you don’t understand.

Start Look For the Best Residential Movers

So how much does it cost to hire movers? The tips above show that while there are national averages, you really won’t know until you get ready to book your move.

There are several factors that contribute to the cost of the move, as explained in this article. You’ll know for sure once you speak to some moving contractors that can give you an estimate.

Keep doing your research into your move so that you aren’t caught off guard. Let us help you learn more about professional moves and so many other topics.

Use these suggestions and start reaching out to some movers for more information.


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