How to Hire a General Contractor In Your Area And Where To Find Them


Certain steps can be taken to find the right contractor quickly and effectively. If you do not go through the decision process correctly, you may end up overpaying or getting poor-quality work. Below are the steps to hiring a general contractor.

Understand Pricing

Understanding the pricing structure and what you will get out of the job is crucial to making a purchase decision and making it right. It also helps with how much leverage you have over the situation so you will not be left out to the power of the contractor. This power dynamic is especially important when clients sign contracts for work. They do not realize that they are overpaying for no reason and can upcharge down the line because it was not listed in the quoted price.

A good way to use pricing to your advantage is to pay them based on certain criteria. This pricing scheme is especially true with making sure there are deadlines. You may want to insist on paying them more at certain times. However, this can end up over motivating a contractor to get the work done too quickly. It is important to find the right balance for incentivizing quality, timeliness, and cost-efficiency.

Search Businesses to Work With In Your Local Area

A simple search on Google is a good way to find contractors in your area. You can use Yelp, Homeadvisor, BusinessFinder, YellowPages, and Angie’s List. You can then check the Better Business Bureau to understand their business further and search for more.

Before continuing, you will also want to check for any referrals or recommendations from someone you know and trust. Knowing someone who has gotten the same thing done that you need is like looking into the future at what happened. You will gain much more information and insight into what will be done and how it will be done compared to reading reviews and website information. You will also provoke a sense of desire in the contractor to do the best job they can, knowing that they can get referrals from doing a good job.

Check Reviews

Like recommendations and referrals, it is essential to check reviews. It is important to cross-examine reviews on Google, Yelp, and other sites like Facebook. This way, you can ensure that you have the consensus mapped out from the people they have worked with.

Typically, if they do not have reviews, they have not worked with many clients or have not provoked meaningful enough work for them to consider it worth reviewing. Not having reviews may indicate that you will be getting an average service that you will not hate but will not go out of your way to review and recommend.

Check Their Licenses And Insurance

You can look up if a contractor has a license in the required state or ask them. They will most likely show it on their website, and if they do not, it may be a red flag to go double-check on license verification websites and departments. Getting your contracting license online is now easier than ever, so not having one raises serious questions and concerns. There are also serious legal issues and penalties involved for the contractor if they are working without one in certain states. These issues can cause problems for you, most likely wasting your time.

You will also want to check that the contractor is covered by insurance in case something goes wrong. This will not only protect you, but it will ensure that the contractor is not taking on any unnecessary risks.

Make Sure You Know Their Deadlines

It is important to have a timeline and deadline at all times. If you are building a commercial property, you will most likely be losing money due to delays in the project. Imagine you need an apartment complex constructed, but the apartment is not up and running during peak sign-up seasons, so you lose money from open rooms and having to lower sign-on prices.

Who Works For Them Or Under Them

Some contractors will outsource work to other licensed individuals or businesses and keep the margins, depending on if they can do the job or if it is worth their time or not. Some others retain employees. It is a good idea to stay informed on who they will be getting to do your work and if they hired the right contracting employees to do it.

Get Bids

After you have done all of these things, you will have a firm understanding of each contractor’s value. It is always a best practice to have multiple offers from multiple contractors but not waste their time. You will want to make the information exchange and bidding process as quick and straightforward as possible to make sure not to waste yours or their time.

Don’t Base Solely On Price

You have to remember that these projects are meant to last a long time. If you continuously have to fix a cheap job, it will end up costing more over time. Working with a team you like is also an added value not covered in the cost. You have to consider how the quality affects you.

There is some peace of mind in knowing that you paid extra for quality work, and even if you can’t see all that they did, you know it was done right.


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