4 Ways Construction Firms Can Hire and Retain Quality Tradesmen


Getting the right tradesman can be difficult, but getting it right is incredibly important. After all, the right tradesmen can help to build your reputation and provide a quality product or service, the wrong one can do just as much damage.

But, how does a construction firm make sure they are hiring the best quality tradesmen?

They simply have to follow these 4 steps:

Keep Looking

Whether you’re looking for white-collar hire or any other type of workmen, you need to be aware of who is on the market at all times. If you leave hiring until you are desperately in need then you’ll almost certainly be forced to take whatever is available, whether they are the best one for the job or not.

However, if you’re aware of what is on the market and plan your looking to fit with this, then you’re more likely to find a quality tradesman.

Consider Character

It is important for any worker to have the right skill set and qualifications if required. However, a worker is more than just their qualifications. They need to have the right character to fit in with the rest of your team and with you. If you’re not comfortable dealing with them then you’ll never develop the rapport necessary to retain them.

You’ll also probably not want to.

The problem with that is that you’ll have to start looking for someone else, which is time-consuming and can be costly.

Get the Pay Right

It is important to know what the market pay rate is and offer at least the same rate. Money isn’t everything to an employee but it is a good starting point.

You’re only likely to attract the industry leaders if you’re offering a pay rate that is equivalent to what they can earn with your competitors.

After this, you’ll need to think about what perks go with the pay packet, an all-round deal is more likely to attract the right staff and keep them with you.

After all, once you’ve found a good one you don’t want them going somewhere else.

Think About Culture

Finally, you should also consider the culture in your workplace. You need an environment that encourages employees to grow, provides them with opportunities and ensures they feel comfortable, confident, and happy.

This means having an open-door policy and being prepared to listen to their ideas. You should also investigate some team building activities and even some in-house clubs.

Anything that can help your team bond together will help to boost the morale of your staff. This will give your company a good culture and encourage staff retention. After all, most staff want to feel valued and, providing them an avenue to express their feelings, will help them to achieve a feeling of value.

Don’t forget that you are also part of the team, for your staff to feel comfortable with you means that you need to get involved with the team building events.


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