Apartment Bugs and Critters: A Guide to Living Pest-Free in a Rental


Having a pest-free environment is a bit of a hassle, especially when living in an apartment. Your neighbors might be a little messy, or there could be an infestation throughout the entire building.

Either way, apartment bugs are no fun. Thankfully, there is a way you can keep your place free and clear from pesky critters.

To learn more about how to handle pest infestation, keep reading.

Why Are There So Many Bug Problems in Apartments?

Apartments are the perfect hot spot for pests. With multiple people living in hundreds of units, there’s plenty of food, shelter, and areas to breed. Basically, apartment bugs have everything they need in apartment housing.

Not to mention, the constant rotation of people also contributes to the bug problems in apartments. When residents move in, they usually bring pests with them.

Therefore, apartment living requires a bit more dedication to keep critters at bay.

Apartment Pest Control 101

The great thing about living in an apartment is that you don’t have to fight bugs alone. If you have critters in your apartment, it’s the property manager’s job to provide pest control services. With that said, here are a few things you should do if you start to experience apartment bugs:

Report Pest Infestation Immediately

If you notice roaches, spiders, ants, or any other pests it’s important to alert the apartment manager immediately. Not only will they help your apartment stay free from bugs, but your neighbors as well.

Plus, it notifies management of a potential problem. For instance, if the pest issue is something that multiple residents are complaining about, then the apartments can take the appropriate measures to have the bugs exterminated.

Be Available for Pest Control Service

In most apartments, pest control services are a part of the deal. Usually, a pest technician will come out routinely to spray and lay down traps for apartment bugs. Make sure when management notifies you of a pest control appointment, that you are available for it.

Getting regular maintenance will help to keep bugs at bay. Also, if you experience a consistent problem with bugs, it’s a good idea to have a conversation with the pest technician and advise them of the following:

  • The type of bugs you’ve seen
  • Where the bugs are coming from
  • The time frame when you’ve noticed the most activity
  • Advise them of the key areas to spray

It’s also beneficial for you to ask pest control about ways to keep bugs from coming into your apartment. Sometimes there may be something that you’re unknowingly doing that’s attracting pests into your place.

Furthermore, when pest control leaves, don’t clean up. Allow some time for the chemicals to do their job before you vacuum, sweep, or mop.

Talk With Neighbors

Talking to your neighbors about apartment bugs is a bit tricky. You never want anyone to feel uncomfortable or have an awkward conversation about how they should upkeep their apartment.

However, if you have a friendly relationship with your neighbors, politely advise them of your pest infestation and suggest that they also take preventative measures to ensure that apartment bugs stay away.

Pest Control for Apartments: Helpful Pointers

Now that you know how to join forces with your property manager and your neighbors to prevent apartment bugs, it’s now time to learn more ways to fight pests.

Below are some helpful tips to ensure that bugs don’t become an issue in your unit:

Don’t Accept Second-Hand Furniture

One of the biggest things you can do to avoid a pest infestation is to purchase new furniture. Although it’s tempting to buy bargain couches, tables, and chairs, don’t do it.

Bugs love hiding in furniture, and buying used couches and chairs is the quickest way to invite unwanted pests into your home. In addition to living room furniture, it’s also important not to accept used mattresses.

Doing so could put you at risk of bed bugs, which can cause a huge headache. Not only that, but if your apartment gets a bed bug infestation, you may be forced to leave your unit until the place is completely exterminated.

If you are experiencing a problem with bed bugs, exterminators from Custom bed bug can help you learn how to get rid of them.

Keep Fruits and Veggies in the Refrigerator

Some fruits and vegetables are best when they are left at room temperature. Foods like apples, peaches, lemons, and other produce are often stored on the counter.

 However, if you are experiencing apartment bugs, it’s not a good idea to leave produce out. In addition to roaches or ants, fruit flies are also a big problem.

 For example, if you have bananas that are starting to turn brown, chances are you’ll have fruit flies swarming all over your kitchen.

Wash Dirty Dishes After Use

It’s tempting to want to leave dishes in the sink after a satisfying lunch or dinner. But leaving out dirty dishes is a no-no.

Crumbs and sticky pots are magnets for ants and roaches. They can sniff out food quickly and you don’t want them lured into your kitchen. If you have a dishwasher try to put all of your dishes away after dinner, and wash them throughout the day.

Keep Food in an Airtight Container

Keeping food in an airtight container is the best way to ensure that you don’t attract apartment bugs.

If you leave things like sugar and flour in its original packaging, it’s more likely to attract pests. Plus when bags and boxes aren’t properly sealed, ants and roaches can easily wiggle their way in and eat away at the food.

Also, if mice are a problem at your place, it’s imperative to keep food sealed. They have bigger teeth and claws that can rip open plastic packaging.

Keep Your Floors Clean

It may not be easy for you to spot or even pay attention to crumbs and food particles on the floor, but apartment bugs can.

Even when you don’t see a lot of debris on the floor, make it a habit to sweep and mop anyway. Keeping a clean floor ensures that you don’t have an abundance of food bits lying around that could attract pests into your apartment.

Furthermore, insect eggs accumulate in dust. So if you are mopping and sweeping regularly, it helps to clean the eggs up and prevent future pest infestation.

Keep Pest-Prone Areas Dry

Most bugs absolutely love wet, humid areas. For instance, roaches can survive many weeks without eating, but they need water on a regular basis.

If you have water in the kitchen sink or bathtub, it’ll attract them into your home. Be sure to dry out the sink after washing dishes, and wipe up water droplets from your bathtub and shower.

Close Large Gaps

There are some areas of your apartment that might have large gaps, which creates a clear entryway for bugs into your apartment.

If there are open pipes that come through your walls and other areas that are exposed, cover them with steel wool. It’ll prevent critters from passing through.

Seal up Cracks

In addition to large gaps, apartment bugs can also get through small cracks in your apartment. They can squeeze between the walls, cabinets, and baseboards.

The great thing about living in an apartment is that you can always ask property management to come and caulk the open cracks for you. Doing so should tremendously cut back on bug traffic.

Take Out the Trash

One of the biggest culprits of pest attraction is trash. If you have decaying food anywhere in your home, it completely lures apartment bugs inside.

Understandably, it’s more of a hassle to take the trash out in an apartment because it usually requires driving around to a community compactor.

However, it’s important to not let the trash pile up. Instead of using a large garbage bag, consider buying small bags that you can put the trash into and throw away the bags as you leave the house each day.

If you must use the large trash bags, find a garbage can with a lid and keep the bag tightly shut with the lid securely fastened on top.

Get Rid of Apartment Bugs for Good

Hopefully, this information helps you control pests and get rid of apartment bugs once and for all. By following the suggestions above, you can spend more time enjoying your place and less time fighting creepy crawlers.

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