The Ultimate Guide to the Best Pickup Truck Campers in 2020


More convenient and cost-effective than a large motorhome, the pickup camper is quickly becoming a preferred alternative in camping circles. With modern, lightweight designs, they slip onto the back of a pickup truck and offer space, comfort, and protection for a fraction of the price.

If you are new to pickup truck campers, the choice and range can be daunting. Luckily, we have picked out our favorite camper models below and arranged them in handy to read notes, to help you select the best model.

Lance 1062

This van is a lot of camper, with a gigantic fifty-two inches of floor width. The whole cab room contains a dinette and cab over area that has easy access due to the raised floor. This also allows for a large slide out storage area.

The dinette has trendy bench seating and the kitchen contains three hobs, a microwave, and a refrigerator. The bathroom has a toiler, sink, and stand up shower with a dry bath. It has ample storage facilities in and around the cab.

The cab-over area contains a large, comfortable queen-sized bed and a mirrored closet. The whole vehicle has an integrated blue tooth audio system with app control, to keep you entertained on long journeys.

The Lance encourages you to enjoy the view. It comes with dual pane tinted windows that can be opened during a storm, rear-end windows, and gallery windows. All of this allows plenty of natural light into the living quarters.

The vehicle can hold 45 gallons of freshwater, a 27-gallon grey tank, and a 22-gallon capacity black tank.

Camp Crown Stealth DC Slide-In Camper

The Camp Crown is a mean looking machine thing, deliberately reminiscent of a black ops military vehicle. However, it is a quirky and well designed double cab camper that houses a lot of space in a lightweight design. It has a smart, modern look with clean and striking colors.

Using a pop-up roof, the design quickly unfolds to give more accessibility, allowing two people to sleep in the higher compartment. The seating in the main cabin can also be converted into a bed for two people. As such, you can easily sleep a family of four in it with plenty of room leftover.

The liner of the pop-up roof has windows that can be opened, with attached fly screens. It can also be removed for a real outdoor feeling. All this encases a spacious U Shaped dinette.

Other features include a small sink and a hideaway toilet.

Nucamp Cirrus 820 Pickup Truck Campers

The Cirrus 820 is an aluminum-framed pickup truck camper with a fiberglass and aluminum shell. Its spacious interior is modern, well designed, and has a range of impressive features. All models now have solar panels fitted as standard.

Inside, it manages to fit a foldaway sink and shower. It can house a queen-sized bed and has impressive access to app-controlled hot water and heating. It is luxurious, to say the least.

On one side of the truck sits a dinette, while the other side houses a kitchen with a refrigerator and microwave oven. It can hold 38 gallons of fresh water, 32 gallons of grey water, and 18 gallons of black water.

Adventurer 80RB

The adventurer 80RB is a no-nonsense, well-designed camper from one of America’s oldest and most trusted manufacturers. It is available in long and short cab versions and they produce a number of models. The 80RB is our pick purely because of its ease of use.

The interior houses everything you would expect from a camper. A toilet with a shower, a galley kitchen with refrigeration, a queen bed, and lots of storage options. The interior remains light due to skylights and windows and the interior is fitted with LED lights for night time.

It can sleep four people comfortably. Extra options can be added such as Jensen stereo systems and air conditioning.

Northwood Arctic Fox Camper

The Arctic Fox is a fun and cute camper made by Northwood manufacturing. The beauty of them is that they come with a number of floor plans, so the camper can really be personalized to suit your needs and requirements. There are actually a total of 8 different options.

It uses an aluminum frame with fiberglass casing. Inside this is four seasons block insulation, meaning your camper will be warm enough to use all year round. Generators, convection ovens, and air conditioning can be all be added as optional.

Northstar Laredo

The Northstar comes for both short and long beds. It is light, sturdy, and remains competitively spacious.

One side of the cab contains a kitchenette with a hob stove, refrigerator, and microwave. Opposite sits a dinette with stylish bench seating which can be pulled out into a bed. The over-cab area includes a queen-sized bed with television and ample storage.

The camper can hold 41 gallons of fresh water, 13 gallons of gray water, and 5 gallons of black water. It is fitted with a fully enclosed wet bath.

Selecting Your Camper

Now you have the basic outlines of our favorite pickup truck campers, try to find a ram dealer in your local area and try them out. Once inside, you can decide if it has enough space and if it has the correct facilities for you and your family.

Want to add a personal touch to your camper? Our home improvement section has lots of ideas on how to decorate and personalize small spaces such as your camper cabin. Check out our blog today for some fresh and innovative design ideas!


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