3 Ways to Get Closer to the Goal to Gain a Final Degree


PhD is one of the highest academic degrees a student can gain while studying at university. It requires an excellent background for research in the field of study, but it opens doors to the most prestigious and highest-paying career opportunities. At the same time, most PhD students find their studies extremely demanding and stressful. While most doctoral programs require extensive research and critical thinking skills, it is possible to fast-track your way towards a degree by taking these essential steps:

Step 1. Study Smart, Not Hard

Studying well and submitting all assignments on due dates helps you keep the pace with the course mates and guarantees good grades. To enhance your understanding of each subject, devote some time to it every day (or every other day).

  • Create a schedule and stick to it. Choose your most productive hours and allocate them to most challenging assignments or tasks.
  • Understand what you’re learning. Instead of memorizing the information, analyze, think over the facts and build connections. This may take longer but it’s the only way to gain the knowledge you will easily apply in the future.
  • Take breaks. To stay productive, take short breaks between the blocks of study, spend time out and have enough sleep.

Step 2. Pass Exams and Tests Successfully

Restless nights before an important exam show nothing but lack of ability to manage your time. Preparation for examinations requires a special routine and solid stress-management skills.

  • Understand the syllabus and structure of an upcoming exam. This will help you structure the revision process, understand which topics matter and how grades are allocated.
  • Practice aloud. Answer the exam questions in front of the mirror or explain them to a friend or family member.
  • Believe in yourself. Confidence is essential to reach the desired academic results. If you feel uneasy, try affirmations in front of the mirror or ‘power posing’.

Step 3. Submit a Well-Researched Dissertation

Completing a degree course typically ends with the submission of a dissertation. This type of paper allows students to come up with a problem and propose a solution using the knowledge gained throughout the course.

  • Choose the subject you’re passionate about. Writing about something you have a genuine interest in goes faster and smoother.
  • Analyze the sources and use your problem solving aptitude. Come up with something original. Simply describing what you’ve learned in other sources isn’t enough to write a good capstone project.
  • Read papers of other students. Reading a lot of other PhD and Masters research papers will help get an overview of research trends in your field and enhance your own writing skills.

A dissertation is a culmination of a PhD program and it requires months of hard work. You are expected to demonstrate excellent academic writing skills, ability to interpret complex concepts in your field and reach original conclusions. Lots of students drop out having completed all the course work except for dissertations. Taking these steps will help you defend it and get a final degree:  

  • Start early and write regularly. A high-quality original and complex research cannot be completed in 2 months.
  • Use online tools to ease your work. Such tools as Trello (a project management software), Pomodoro (a time-management instrument) and Thinkwell (a timetable template) will help you organize the custom writing process.
  • Write an introduction and conclusion last. Break the writing process into stages and set deadlines for each, but don’t get stuck with an introduction. Work on the paper body first.
  • Buy custom dissertation for extra support in writing. If you’re far behind the schedule, feeling stuck with your research or too busy with other assignments, buying a dissertation from a professional writing service is a sound solution. An experienced academic writer will help with the completion of this challenging assignment, coordinating with you at every stage. It isn’t very cheap to buy an original dissertation, but the earlier you make a purchase, the less the cost will be.

Successful completion of each stage is essential to gain a final degree with a high GPA. Stay organized to complete all assignments in due time and don’t forget to reward yourself for minor successes. And, if you find it frustrating to create a dissertation on your own, don’t be shy to ask for professional help to avoid giving up on your doctoral degree.


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