Unknown Benefits of Health Insurance Policy


Most individuals merely assume that their health insurance policy pays just for the hospitalization expenses. However, that is not usually the case as several health insurance policies pay the bill for associated expenses too.

There are many non-publicized features in health  insurance that stay unused as a result of lack of awareness. Regardless of whether or not your insurance company or adviser has educated you about  these features, it might be an excellent plan to browse the policy document yourself.

Daily hospital money allowance

All health insurance policies include the value of hospitalization. However, what about the other expenses on food and refreshments,  the money spent by your family while traveling between the hospital and home? In any case, even these add up to a considerable quantity. Well, the answer lies with the fact that what kind of daily hospital money allowance your policy offers. Check if your policy offers this pre-fixed, per-day expenses.

Convalescence profit

Hospitalization prices apart, some corporations conjointly look out of the insured’s recovery expenses. Conjointly termed as recuperating profit, this feature guarantees a payment just in case of a chronic disease.

Alternative treatment

The recent IRDA draft  might nudge all corporations into covering non-allopathic varieties of treatment, like Ayurveda, Unani and medical aid, however, a number of them even do these days. The norms let insurers pay money for these expenses albeit the treatment has been availed at an institute that’s either recognized by the government, commissioned by Quality Council of India or the other appropriate authority.

Treatment taken at home/ Domiciliary expenses

The general impression of health insurance coverage is that their reach is limited to hospitalization or day-care procedures. However, several policies widen their coverage reach to incorporate in-home treatment, too which means that the treatment has been done at home as per doctor’s recommendation. Primarily, this might be as a result of the fact that the patient is unable to go to a hospital. Here, the insured is also asked to submit bills from the doctor’s clinic.

Expenses associated with organ donors

An organ transplant surgery puts tremendous financial and emotional pressure on the insured – financially as well as emotionally. To make matters worse, besides the value of the organ recipient’s treatment, the donor’s expenses also are enclosed within the hospital bill? Now, as per new provisions, you can claim expenses related to the donor as well.

Attendant allowance

For adults taking care of an insured kid at a hospital, some policies promise a hard and fast allowance. If a toddler aged twelve years or less is hospitalized, a daily allowance for one adult for every day since the third day of hospitalization is enclosed in the health insurance policies.

The specific parameters may vary as per the insurance company and also the product.

Lump sum for crucial diseases

Typically, all policies cover high-priced procedures like radiation therapy, transplant, dialysis etc. However,some products allow a higher sum assured for certain critical diseases.  Some plans having higher premiums also provide survival benefits for 180-270 days after discharge.


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