How Gaming Monitor Technology Is Changing The World Of The Gaming Industry?


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Budget Gaming Monitor-the ASUS vp247h p

Gaming monitor technology has evolved over the years. Today’s gaming monitors pack a solid punch in terms of display performance even for low tier entry level panels. Today we take a first look at the ASUS vp247h p gaming monitor- a cheap but surprisingly capable high definition gaming monitor. We are always looking for value and products like this ASUS vp247h will always tickle our fancy here at Kickoff tech.

It is one of the recommended gaming monitors highlighted in our best gaming monitor under $200 compilation. Our initial impressions having given this monitor a spin are on the positive side.

First Impressions on the ASUS Vp247h Gaming Monitor

To be completely honest, the ASUS vp247h gaming monitor isn’t that kind of monitor that will catch your eye right out of the box. It has this simple, plain design aesthetic that almost feels a bit traditional…. a bit bland. However, that is expected given its low-price tag; budget gaming monitors tend to suffer on the aesthetic department, instead focusing on gaming performance and build quality.

That said, nothing about the ASUS vp247h gaming monitor physical appearance screams “cheap” or low quality. It’s a great 23-inch gaming monitor that sits well in any desk setup without feeling out of place, has solid build quality and- as you will see later – compensates for its normal looks with above average gaming performance.

What You Will Get in the Box- ASUS Vp247h Gaming Monitor

We were pretty encouraged from the word go by the stuff we found included in the nice packaging that is the ASUS vp247h. Apart from the essentials like power cords, monitor stand, and user manuals, you also get a traditional VGA cable, DVI and even HDMI. Overall, this monitor comes with all the things you need to jump right into gaming as soon as you get it all set up.

Things We Love About the ASUS Vp247h Gaming Monitor

This monitor is great for gamers who want solid 1080p gaming at 60fps. Here are 3 things we love about the ASUS vp247h gaming monitor.

Great Performance – We enjoyed playing modern games like Battlefield 4, Fortnite, GTA, Minecraft and assassin’s’ creed  on the ASUS vp247h p gaming monitor. They all played smoothly with no noticeable input lag, flickering or tearing despite the lack of adaptive sync. You can read more on performance on our full ASUS vp247h p review.

Good Build Quality– As mentioned before; this gaming monitor has solid build quality. Nothing on it looks like it’s going to break anytime soon. The stand has a stable disk-shaped base that sits well on our desk. The plastic casing isn’t the glossy fingerprint attracting type you find in most budget gadgets out there. The front panel on the ASUS vp247h p has thin bezels all around giving you an unobstructed screen real estate for immersive gaming. The thin bezels are also great for dual monitor setup which is exactly what we recommend you go for if you are already sold on this monitor’s value.

We Love the Port Selection– Not many budget gaming monitors give you any noteworthy choice of inputs-most come with either HDMI and the old VGA or DVI and VGA. This one gives us both DVI and HDMI which is great!

Final Remarks

For budget shoppers, the ASUS vp247h p gaming monitor promises a smooth gaming experience at 1080 resolution, 60fps and delivers. We think its great value and would recommend it to anyone looking for a solid casual gaming monitor that doesn’t hurt the pocket.


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