20+ Free Android Apps for Better Eye Care


Eyes are the windows to your soul. You can appreciate the world because of them. With your eyes, you are able to witness the beautiful smiles of your parents, siblings, friends, and all the people around you. You can see the light to guide your path towards your destination. Your eyes open for you to continue your journey every day.

On the other hand, technology has been helpful to make people’s lives easy. It makes you more effective and efficient in whatever you do. There’s a lot of innovative technology today like desktops, laptops, netbooks, notepads, gadgets, and the most common are cellular phones. However, if you misuse technology, you might put your eyes at risk.

Too much exposure to these technologies might result in having poor eyesight that can lead to total blindness. The world of a blind man is hard beyond description. It looks like your world was stolen from you and you couldn’t do anything about it. Take a look at these helpful apps to help you avoid this nightmare from happening.

Here are Best Free Android Apps for Better Eye Care

Eye Care Plus

The app gives you a lot of information for you to have better eyesight. If you don’t know anything about how to take good care of your eyes, the app provides you with healthy recipes to prepare on the dining table to improve the health of your eyes.

Eye Care Plus also provides you with many quality eye exercises and training scheme classified for eye relaxation and other eye condition. It also allows you to take a quiz to check your knowledge about different eye problems. The app is so informative and user-friendly for users who are interested in having better vision.


Your cellular phones produce blue light that makes you not feeling sleepy. The app adjusts your screen by decreasing the amount of blue light from your phone to help you not to have trouble falling asleep. As a result, your eyes can relax and rest.

The app gives your phones a natural color on the screen that makes you watch videos, read messages and website articles clearly. It doesn’t dim your phone screen, but it adjusts the display screen to decrease the amount of blue light your phone produces that might strain your eyes.

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Amsler Grid App

The app allows you to examine your eyes and check your vision regularly. Using the app would help you detect the eye condition associated with age-related macular degeneration. It’s an eye condition that gives you blurry or no vision at the center of your visual field. Early detection makes you want to see your doctor to avoid this eye condition from getting worse.


If you have struggle reading small texts on your phones or laptops, EyeCBest is helpful for you. It’s a web browser extension that increases the readability of the texts on your screen. Using this app, you can customize the font style and font size for you to read with comfort and ease.

Magnifying Glass

The app is available for Android and Apple phones. If it’s hard for you to read small texts on medicine bottles, invoices, maps, and other printed materials, the app will help you by magnifying the texts. It includes a flashlight feature to capture the image you want. You can enlarge the image clearly for you to read the smallest printed words on it.

Be My Eyes

It’s an online app for eye care that needs an internet connection. If you are blind, the app will help you a lot. For tasks like going to the market or the shopping malls, it’ll be hard for you to decide which product or item to buy if you don’t have anyone to accompany you.

Using the app, you can create an account and log in to find anyone online to assist you in doing the tasks successfully.

If you have good eyesight, you can be a person helping those blind people online. You’ll be accepting real-time audio-video requests when you log in the application, and it’s when you can start giving your assistance. The app is helpful for people who have a vision impairment, and it’s also an opportunity for others to extend help for them.

Braille Writer and Pocket Braille

The applications are intended for vision-impaired people as well as for those who are interested in learning Braille system. Braille is a reading and writing system for blind people. There are combinations of raised dots for a particular unit of characters like alphabets, numbers, punctuation marks, and other symbols.

The applications convert your texts into Braille. Instead of writing it yourself, the app will do it for you. These are helpful tools for both learning and teaching. You’ll be able to learn and teach Braille system most conveniently and efficiently.

NantMobile Money Reader

The app is also intended for visually-impaired people. A simple task like buying anything in a store will be difficult for them since they have a hard time recognizing different bills in paying at the counter. NantMobile Money Reader uses the phone’s camera to tell them the denomination of the bill. In this way, they’ll make it sure they’re paying the exact amount.

MyTherapy Medication Reminder & Pill Tracker

The app helps you get reminded of the meds that you take every day for your health problems which need regular medication. Taking pills every day with a prescribed dosage and schedule makes you feel tired sometimes. You tend to ask for help from one of your family members in reminding yourself of your next schedule of taking the medicines.

Insulin intake for diabetes, beta blockers to control cholesterol level, thiazide diuretics for high blood pressure, and regular eye drops for dry eyes are some examples of illnesses that need daily medication. If you happen to have one of these, the MyTherapy Medication Reminder & Pill Tracker app will be a big help for you.

Polaroid UV

The app is useful when you go out for fun like going to a beach, mountain climbing, and other outdoor activities. Doing these fun activities might expose you to sunlight. Too much UV light exposure can be harmful to your eyes.

The app will notify you of the UV index of your present location, and It’ll remind you that you must wear sunglasses for eye protection.


If you want to buy new sunglasses, the app will be helpful to you in choosing an appropriate one for your eyes. It’ll measure the visible light passing through a transparent object.

The app will tell you if the tint of the sunglasses is too dark or too light for your eyes. It’ll also apply in selecting the right windows of your cars. The app will help you decide the correct tint shade for your eyes.

Color Blind Pal, ColorBlind Helper, and ColorDeBlind

If you have a hard time identifying colors correctly, Color Blind Pal, ColorBlind Helper, and ColorDeBlind apps will help you out. These apps are intended for people with color blindness.

Color Blind Pal displays an image on the screen. Then, you need to touch a part on that image, and the app will tell you the correct color name of that part you touched. The purpose of this app is for you to guess the correct name of the color. Also, it has a color inspector feature that describes a particular color to help color-blind people.

ColorBlind Helper app correctly recognizes colors. Take a picture of a particular object using your phone. Then, touch a point on that image, and the app will tell you its color name.

ColorDeBlind utilizes a particular processor for graphics. It improves the manipulation of color algorithms in the application. The app helps color-blind people differentiate a specific color from other colors.


When you spend hours in front of your monitor or on the screen of your phone,  your eyes tend to get tired and strained. You must give your eyes enough time to rest. It’ll be better if you observe time interval of exposing your eyes on the screen, then have time to look away for your eyes to have rest. Lookaway is an app to give you this option.

The app follows the 20-20-20 rule. After 20 minutes of exposing your eyes in front of your phone screen, you must look away and look at a particular object for 20 seconds which is 20 feet away from you.

When you are about to start using your computer unit in the office, you have to launch the app and click the start button. Then, you can now close the application. Every after 20 minutes, you’ll be receiving notification to look away and follow the 20-20-20 rule. You can always visit websites like Eyes in the Village for more information and assistance.


You might be a type of person who is regularly checking your phone from time to time. You might also notice that the brightness level on the screen could irritate your eyes. CF.Lumen app will make the screen adjustment for you.

The app will regulate the brightness level of your phone depending on how dark or bright of your current location. It’ll also consider the time of the day before making changes on the screen. The brightness level of your phone must not be too dark nor too bright for your eyes not to get strained after long hours of phone screen exposure.


The app is also intended to regulate the amount of blue light your phone produces that makes you not to feel sleepy. The regulation of blue light utilizes the indicators of time in the morning and the evening. Twilight moderates the emission of blue light so that it may not disturb your sleeping pattern especially during night time.


For people who experienced accidents that caused head injuries, UltimEyes is intended for them. The app is developed for brain therapy as well as for vision improvement. The 30-minute exercise makes blurry or cloudy images clearer to enhance vision sharpness, and contrast sensitivity.

A lot of people are now using UltimEyes application. They are all aiming to have better eyesight to do daily tasks a way better every day.

Eye Check

The app is created to help people who suffer from astigmatism, vision blurriness as well as color identification and focus. It’ll give you a few questions about particular experiences you have with your eyes. The app also provides proper education on the importance of eye care and checkups.

One good thing about the app is that you can share the result of the test on social media. By doing so, your followers on Twitter and your friends on Facebook will be aware of your eye condition and will be encouraged to get their eyes checked by the app. You can also motivate people on social media to take good care of their eyes every day.

Eye Test APK

People are usually busy earning a living every day, doing leisure activities, and other personal tasks to meet the set deadlines. With all these tasks, you might forget to visit an eye doctor. It’s very important to have a regular eye checkup every year. Eye Test application will give you a pre-examination of your eyes before meeting your doctor.

You can find the Eye Test app stimulating and fun, and you can also let your friends know the test results on social media. The app has different tests. It includes tests for people who suffer from color blindness, blurriness of vision, and other eye-related tests and exercises.

The app also lets you take a test to check your knowledge about your eyes. It’ll provide you with proper education on how to take good care of your eyes.

Portable Eye Examination Kit (PEEK)

Professionals from different institutions have used the PEEK application. The test results of the app have been considered reliable like those standard eye charts and vision boxes in eye care centers.

The test displays the letter “E” on the screen in different ways. The user must be two meters away from the phone. He/she must give the correct direction of where the arms of the letter “E” are pointing. The app is useful in detecting any eye problem for you to stop it from developing as early as possible.

Eye Test – Eye Exam

The app provides various tests to see any eye defect and other common illnesses with your vision that you failed to notice. It’ll also give you information about tips on how to take care of your eyes as well as things you need to know to keep your eyes healthy. The app is very convenient to use and user-friendly.

Eye Test – Eye Exam app includes tests like dry eye test, astigmatism test, vision clarity test, color identification test, and other tests from minor eye problems to any serious ones.

Color Blindness Test Ishihara: Eye Test & Exercise

Mobile app developers intentionally created this app for color-blind people. It follows almost the same process an eye specialist conducts in eye care centers. The app uses pseudoisochromatic plates or a set of colored plates in every test to find possible color-vision abnormalities.


Early in the morning, you open your eyes to start the day. You get off your bed, take a shower, put on clothes, eat your breakfast, and go to work. These things happen effortlessly because of your eyes. Your eyes let you freely move wherever you are. Without them, you may limit the things you are capable of doing.

Take every opportunity to enjoy what technology brings in your life. Don’t abuse it. Instead, use it properly to help you be productive and efficient at school or work. The android apps discussed above are just a few of those available in the market today.

Download one of them that suits you to start giving your eyes the care they need every day.


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