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While leasing a van, there are numerous things that must be taken in to account, like the durability of the van, specifications, purpose of use and lot more. Each client has their own tastes and preferences, depending on the commercial use of the van. Vauxhall Vivaro, the jumbo on road, is not a van that can be considered for planning a trip to beach holiday. It is ideal for van leasing purposes, owing to its sturdy features and refined engine.  This panel van, built in Britain, is an object of fancy for many, especially for those who want a strong panel van to transport cargoes over long and short hauls.

Vivaro and Renault equation

Although the Vauxhall Vivaro lease vans are rolled out from their domestic Luton plant, the main design was formulated by Renault, in France. At once, you will be able to locate many stark similarities with the Renault’s Traffic version, the sister vehicle of Vivaro. After all, Vauxhall shares a long-term partnership with the French manufacturer, Renault and due to which the latest models of Vauxhall series are coming with high-roof versions, as compared to those built in Luton plant.

Power specifications

The engine is powered by a 1.6 litre CDTi diesel configuration, which works on a common-rail injection design and may use one to two turbochargers to ensure high level economy figures. The much anticipated ecoFLEX technology is used in certain models of Vivaro series, boasting of start-stop tech along with regenerative braking assistance and aerodynamic system. The debut-level 89 bhp CDTi 90 version offers 43.5 mpg and 170g/km CO2 emission record. Now with the assistance of start-stop tech and regenerative braking, you can achieve improved levels of 46.3mpg and 160g/km. If your main concern is to save power and economy, then you can consider the 118 bhp CDTi Bi Turbo lease vans, yielding a 47.9mpg and 155g/km.

Fuel efficiency

To further save your fuel, Vauxhall provides you an option of eco mode button that can be operated from the dashboard. This comes with an extensive engine map coupled with less power, slower accelerator movement and reduced levels of torque. It is also well-equipped to reduce the air-conditioning impact, thus highly suitable for fleet operators whose main aim to ensure fuel efficiency. This efficient mode also helps the driver to know how much economically he is driving, by indicating green, orange or yellow lights in respect of his present driving style, and at last provides him with a rating out of 100 for each trip covered.

Irrespective of models, all Vivaro versions are provided with identical front end with massive headlights and strong grille. These features are supported by LED daylights in the high end models of sports series. The interior quality has a certain edge as compared to other rivals and the most remarkable thing about Vauxhall Vivaro lease van is its huge load-carrying capacity. Owing to its 100mm extra load capacity, you can now store huge bulks of cargoes without creating much fuss. The well-designed load area can be accessed with the help of split rear doors and after getting done with the storing procedure, can be individually locked.

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