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Are you currently on a hunt for interior ideas for the new house? Or maybe you just want to spruce your home by changing up your floors. Well, you have come to the right place. If you are trying to consider timber flooring, we will be about to convince you that it will be the best decision you have made for your home. Keep reading as we share the benefits of timber flooring with you and how you can find the best companies to do this project.

Benefits of Timber Flooring

Timber or wood flooring is among the most popular types of flooring throughout the years — and for a reason. Here are 12  benefits of choosing timber flooring for your home:

Multiple variations to select from

Gone are the days where timber flooring only looks dark brown and rustic. With all the different types of woods that can be used and modern methods to manufacture them, timber flooring can now match any theme, style, or aesthetic. More popular types of timber flooring are blackbutt, oak Eiger, oak sierra, and oak Matterhorn.


If you compare it with laminate, carpet, vinyl, etc., there is no denying that timber flooring can be pretty expensive. However, considering its maintenance that requires minimal costs, how it will last longer, and the other benefits of it, choosing timber flooring is proven to be cost-effective.

Faster installation

Depending on the area that needs installing timber flooring, the entire process can be done in a day up to a week.


One of the significant pros of timber flooring is how durable it is. It cannot be easily scratched, and it will take a long time literally before you see any wear and tear. If appropriately maintained, timber flooring can last a lifetime.

Can be refinished

Well, over the years, you can see a bit of fading with timber flooring. The good thing is, it can be quickly restored by refinishing it. You can even change to a different shade in case you want darker or lighter floors.

Easy to clean

Unlike carpet flooring, where you have to vacuum it to remove accumulated dust and dirt constantly, timber flooring only needs the occasional sweeping and mopping, which are already easier to do and less time-consuming.

Does not collect dirt

As we said, carpet accumulates dirt and even hard to clean. Because of this, dirt build-up can cause allergies, eczema, and other skin irritations. It can also invite insects and pests. On the other hand, timber flooring remains clean and spotless for a very long time without you even cleaning it.

Improves air quality

Because it is free from dust and moulds, timber flooring maintains and improves better and cleaner air quality around your home — making it safe for you and your family’s health.

Timeless aesthetic

You already know how timber flooring can take fewer decades up to centuries. During these times, you do not have to worry about your home is outdated. The aesthetics of wood is very versatile that it can match any style. Besides, you can always have it refinished in case you want to spruce it up.

Better room acoustics

Among all the types of flooring, timber is the one that gives the best acoustics as it helps reduce hollow sounds and vibrations.

Increases the value to your home

Another significant advantage of the timber flooring is how it automatically increases the value of your property. More homebuyers prefer hardwood flooring compared to others like carpet and laminate. Timber flooring is proven to be a good investment that would not reduce its value.

Eco-friendly option

If you are also concern with sustainability but still wants the elegance of the wood, engineered timber flooring is a perfect choice. Its manufacturing process requires fewer resources which makes it more eco-friendly than others.

Factors to Consider When Hiring Timber Flooring Companies

Now that you know timber flooring is the best way to go, it is time to find the most reliable company that could deliver services that surpass expectations. With several timber flooring companies in Melbourne, how would you know which one of them is the best? Here are some factors that you should consider when looking for the best timber flooring companies in Melbourne.


Setting a budget beforehand is important so that you get to have a limit and avoid spending over what you can. You can talk to an expert to see how timber flooring costs with the area you plan to cover. Choose a company that can provide you with timber flooring services that are within your budget. Do not hesitate to ask for quotations.

Materials used

Look into the best types of materials used for the kind of timber flooring you want to have for your home. When looking at companies, see what materials they use and if it is of good quality.

The credibility of the company

You want to work with a credible company and have been in the industry for a long time. Their experience in installing and delivering timber flooring is essential. The longer they have been operating, the better they are. Another way to assess their credibility is through reviews and testimonials from their previous clients. If they receive mostly positive reviews, that is one good sign.

Length of installation

You also need to settle how long you need the installation to last. If your time is limited for some reason, you should find a company that can comply. However, you should also keep in mind the average time timber flooring is usually installed, especially if the area is quite wide.


A reliable company must be able to finish before deadlines and deliver services that can pass the standards. Their labourers should also be trustworthy and embody professionalism.

Customer service

If issues arise, the best timber flooring company can address and proactively resolve them. See how they handle serious matters and how they communicate with their clients. Good communication is a sign of excellent customer service.

Other services offered

If you need other types of services, like you wanting other rooms of your home laminated or use a different kind of timber flooring, find a company that can cater to all of them. Choosing one company to do these projects can help you save many and time. Plus, you would not have to talk to multiple people at once.

It is usual for every homeowner to want only the best for their houses. Although we may have different preferences, timber flooring is one of those that can match any styles and aesthetics. Along with its cost-efficiency, durability, and other benefits, there is no denying that you would not go wrong with timber flooring.


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