Top Facts about Supplements You Need to Know


Supplements’ popularity has soared in the past decade thanks to their effectiveness. These products can help you bridge the gap between your nutrient needs and your diet. The bridging will help you maintain good health through an improved immune system and much more. However, there are top facts you need to know about these products. The reason for that is the rise of unscrupulous manufacturers who have infiltrated the industry. Besides that, you also need to be equipped with basic knowledge. These essential facts include:

Supplements aren’t tested and approved through clinical study

Unlike medicinal drugs, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate supplements. Supplements aren’t tested and are clinically approved by a central governing body. This leaves the industry at the mercy of manufacturers. The manufacturers are mandated to make and ensure safety before availing for sale. It’s also upon the manufacturer to report new ingredients for quality and safety assessment. The nature of this industry calls for caution when buying your supplements. It would be best to purchase yours from credible stores such as Gr8 Health. These stores have been around for quite some time and have proven to sell safe supplements.

Nutritional supplements aren’t alternative to a healthy diet

Supplements can help you acquire a sufficient amount of essential nutrients that you lack from your diet. However, you can’t use it as an alternative to a variety of healthy foods. It is still vital that you eat a balanced diet if you are able. Supplements should be to help you rectify a deficit in nutrients. However, suppose you have problems with your appetite. In that case, it’s best to follow your physician’s advice and take supplements such as branch chain amino acids. These supplements will boost your appetite and help you gain weight if you have lost it.

Some supplements may interact with prescription drugs

It would be best to talk to your health care provider before you start taking supplements. Discussing it with your health practitioner is essential because some supplements may interact with prescription drugs. Furthermore, some accessories can be unsuitable for patients with chronic conditions. For example, supplements like niacin can increase blood sugar if you are diabetic.

Dietary supplements may have side effects

You need to consider the fact that supplements may have side effects. This information will guide you to control the quantity you consume. It would be helpful always to be alert of possible reactions if you are getting started or using new supplements. Some of the side effects include digestive upset, diarrhea, and interference with hormonal birth control in some server cases.

You need to follow your health care providers serving as a guide

When you buy your supplements from stores such as Gr8 Health, they will come with a fact label. This label lists the ingredients, the amount you should take per serving, and flavors. However, it would be best to follow your health care provider serving guide for safety purposes. The medical practitioner knows the amount suitable for you according to your health condition. Remember, the manufacturer doesn’t have the information.


Supplements are essential if you lack enough nutrients in your diet. However, due to a lack of regulation and tests, it’s necessary to take caution when using it. Use the facts in this article to keep yourself safe even as you seek to gain from your nutritional supplements.


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