Exploring the Barossa Goldfields


After submitting my seventh lottery purchase for this month, I have started to come out of the denial and admit to myself that I am not going to win. With dreams of owning sport cars, mansions and other such luxuries, I had quick surf on the web to find other ways of getting rich quick. Hoping I would find a miracle website that deposits money to me for doing nothing, I was side-tracked into looking at goldfields. Albeit the majority of gold mining spots accessible to the public would have been well cleared out, it led me to explore the Barossa Valley and the Goldfields. With picturesque countryside and the introduction of new communities, I can’t help but be tempted to share with you the beauty of this somewhat hidden gem in South Australia. If you’re interested in what properties are available you can head to Lendlease communities who have display homes and land for sale across the country.

The Gold-Rush Aftermath

Reminiscent of the days of the gold-rush, the Barossa Goldfields paint a distinct picture of what life was like during all those years ago. With the Bowden Cottage giving visitors an insight into the life of a young girl who lived there during the time, you come to appreciate the harshness yet beauty of the Australian environment. The best way to immerse yourself in the history is through the walking trails that wind through some of the country’s most stunning native flora. Peer into the remnants of mine shafts while being enthralled with the impressive native trees and plants that surround you. Blake’s Crossing in the North of South Australia is an upcoming planned community that won the 2017 award for UDIA’s best Master planned Development that can deliver on everything growing families need. With a direct trip to Adelaide’s CBD by car or rail, you may not believe the sense of community and kid friendly fields that are still available to you while being so close to the city.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

The Barossa region combines the best of city living while being neighboured by dense forests and native wildlife. With ‘big name brands’ such as Woolworths, Aldi and more, the central shops give you all you need for your weekly purchases or a coffee date with your friends! You can have everything you need available to you without having to sacrifice the leafy green environment that provides an escape from everyday life.  Blake’s crossing offers endless walking trails along its new Neighbourhood Oval. This reserve features everything you need for a family picnic with BBQ facilities, Climbing Walls and even a Carousel for the kids. The Blue Tongue Creek walking trail is also equipped with modern exercise machines for those who want to kick-start their new healthy lifestyle. If you’re looking to downsize from the city, looking at homes in Jordan Springs means you are able to match the hustle and bustle of the city while providing a calming and tranquil home for you and your family.

The Barossa Goldfields not only offers its namesake! This location is encased within years of history, deep natural forests and a homely community vibe. For those who experience the Barossa Goldfields as a holiday retreat, they often miss out on the true beauty of the region. With Lendlease Communities, house and land packages are available so that you can immerse yourself in the culture and stunning surroundings of Barossa in your brand new family home. New homes don’t have to be immensely expensive, so find the right home for you in the right location with Lendlease Communities.


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