Eco-Friendly Luxury Living: Energy Saving Homes of 2021


Luxury living has moved away from wasteful decadence. Now, it’s an exquisite blending of opulence and sustainability.

Designers and builders are embracing the challenge of creating eco-friendly luxury homes. They still have to deliver uncompromised luxury on every level.

Today’s luxury homes are the epitome of elegant eco-living. They draw on the latest technology and borrow from the past.  Here are the key luxury home trends of 2021 for a home that delivers sustainable luxury living.

Green Architecture and Design

Eco friendly luxury homes are constructed in ways that preserve and blend into the natural surroundings. Include trees, rivers, and other natural features into the flow of the building. This creates a seamless transition between man-made and natural elements.

Roofs curve upward to allow airflow for natural ventilation. Achieve daytime lighting by the extensive use of glass instead of relying on internal lights. Big windows, glass walls, and skylights drench the inside of luxury homes in energizing natural light during the daytime.

Homes are built using locally sourced, natural materials, such as stone, clay, thatch, or sustainably grown timber. Durable building materials are used which will lead to less waste in the future. Bamboo is becoming a popular choice as it is renewable. Bamboo forests only take a few years to grow.

Alternative Power Sources

Moving away from fossil fuels as a source of power has become a hallmark of sustainable luxury living. Designers are embracing the advantages of solar energy.  Newer technologies such as geothermal and wind-produced energy are powering homes too. Some luxury homes have provisions for charging battery-powered cars.

LED Lighting

LED bulbs are far more energy-efficient than filament bulbs. Luxury homes are using LED lighting throughout. This one simple change lowers the carbon footprint of a home without losing light.

Luxury LED lighting can match the mood you want from an app on your smartphone. With a few clicks, you can adjust the color, temperature, and intensity of your lights. The ambiance of your luxury house is right at your fingertips.

Growing Green Luxury Homes

Green roofs replace conventional roofing materials with vegetation. Green roofs absorb storm water runoff. They also reduce air pollution and lower energy costs by regulating the temperature inside. Green roofs are practical and are growing in popularity as a viable option for an environmentally luxury home.

Eco friendly luxury homes have built-in rainwater collection systems for harvesting the rain. Rainwater can be filtered and used inside the home, as well as for the garden.

Eco-friendly gardening leans towards drought-resistant landscaping. Make use of drought-friendly lawns and other water-wise plants.

Luxury Living Meets Sustainability

Technology is increasing alongside our global consciousness. Luxury homes are pioneering the way forward in sustainability, without compromising on beauty. With a few eco-smart additions to your home, and home window tinting to keep the house cool and protect furnishing without using utilities, you can rest assured that you’re doing your part to look after the earth.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick intro to sustainable luxury living trends. Check out our articles section for more in-depth ideas and inspiration.


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