Durable Laptops for Business and Personal Use: What to Look For & Which Ones Made Our Top 10 List


We’ve been working from home for a little over a year now. And you’re realizing that the laptop you had before 2020 is just not making the cut anymore.

Damaged laptops have costs families more than $2.8 billion in the last 5 years.

Imagine having to pay for a new laptop every year. That would be insane! Yet, people do it because they don’t have a laptop that lasts.

Keep reading our top 10 lists for durable laptops.

What Are Durable Laptops?

When looking for laptops, a lot of times we overlook how durable they are and head straight for the simplicity, beauty, and tech specs.

Although all of those things are necessary to look at as well, knowing the durability can make or break your bank. Depending on what you decide to use your laptop for, you may need a rugged laptop. These are laptops built to military-grade standards.

Fully-Rugged Laptops

Fully rugged laptops are completely waterproof so if you’re working in the rain, that’s no problem.

Working in a dust storm? That’s also no problem since fully rugged laptops are sealed off to protect from the harshest of climates.

If you’re working in the outdoors or in more extreme conditions daily, choosing a fully-rugged laptop is the way to go.

Semi-Rugged Laptops

If you’re not quite looking for the most durable laptops out there, but still want to search for dependable laptops, a semi-rugged laptop may be for you!

These laptops take on a more normal look similar to a laptop you may see every day. Semi-rugged laptops are just a step up from your everyday laptops but have a spill-proof keyboard and a harder outer case.


We know searching for a laptop is not all about how hard the outer shell casing is. It’s way more than that.

The GETAC S410 has everything you need – from the outer casing to the inner processing power.

The intense processing speeds allow this laptop to process at quick speeds to render, display 3D graphics, and run any applications that you have downloaded.

It doesn’t stop there, though!

This laptop has touchscreen capabilities (Rugged, yet sleek? Who doesn’t want that?) and a screen display that can be toggled with to make your viewing easier whether you’re on the beach or in a dark room. The second battery keeps this laptop running all day without a problem.

2Dell Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme

One of the sleekest and lightest models of its kind, the Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme is exactly that: rugged and extreme.

This laptop’s outer casing makes it one of those laptops that lasts whether you drop it or bang it on the wall.

It also lasts because it has swappable batteries to keep the power running. This means you can move from home to the office to a brewery all in one day! It won’t die and it won’t break.

The screen display is adjustable to work indoors or outdoors and keeps the comfortability of no glare.

You don’t have to worry about security protection with this rugged laptop either.

3HP Touchscreen Chromebook

The HP Touchscreen Chromebook is just as sleek as it is durable.

Although this laptop may not be the best for hiking a mountain up to 15,000 feet of altitude, it is a laptop that lasts.

Its thin, sleek look brings it up to one of the top dependable laptops that also looks good. If you’re looking to take on fast processing speeds to run a lot of tech and browsers at once, the HP Touchscreen Chromebook can do all of that for you. There’s a ton of memory packed into the sleek metal body of the Chromebook as well.

Virus protection, a backlit computer keyboard, cloud support, 360-degree fold and flip design, and less than four pounds, this bad boy has it all.

4MSI – GS66 Stealth Gaming Laptop

Ample storage, high processing speeds, intense graphics display, and fast response times make this laptop a top choice for gamers who are looking for durability.

The impressive color displayed on the screen and premium sound speakers speaks to those who want a sleek laptop, but this one doesn’t forgo the durability either. You get the best of both worlds with the MSI – Gs66 Stealth Gaming Laptop.

5Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga

Lenovo laptops are some of the most durable laptops out there. There are tons of different laptops you can choose from at Lenovo that are just built differently. One of the most resilient laptops that Lenovo offers is the Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga.

This laptop truly lives up to its name. Flexible, durable, and rugged, it won’t let you down.

It really lives up to the “yoga” in its name with 360-degree hinges to allow for the most flexibility you could ask for.

It has also passed more than 12 military-grade tests and over 200 durability tests to prove just how rugged this laptop is. Still don’t trust it? Trust the rubber corners to absorb shock if hit or dropped accidentally.

The type of glass on the screen prevents scratches and the keyboard is waterproof and spill-resistant.

6Panasonic Toughbook 55

Alright, the Panasonic Toughbook lives up to its name as one of the most resilient laptops out there. It’s been tested to last a three-foot drop over and over again.

Whether you’re working in -20 degrees Fahrenheit if you are on a trip to Antarctica, or getting fried in 140-degree weather, your laptop will keep on running.

Not done pushing your laptop to the limit with those temperatures? No worries. Climb some mountains with it up to 15,000 feet and the laptop will still work.

Talk about durable laptops.

But wait…there’s more!

The Panasonic Toughbook has its own carry handle on the laptop itself. That shows just how much you don’t need a case when on the move.

7LG Gram 17

By just looking at this laptop, you would not believe the processing speeds and durability.

The screen is larger, but the weight is lighter. You can get your work done, but also watch high-quality videos at night when you’re bored. And you can do all of that with just one charge the night before.

Still not sold on the LG Gram 17? We’ve got a kicker for you: It has been military stress-tested…and it passed.

That’s some hidden durability packaged up in this small and sleek bundle.

8Google Pixlebook

Not even weighing in to be two pounds, the Google Pixlebook has everything you need in a tiny laptop. You can easily take it on the go from work to vacation to grandma’s house.

It has built-in virus protection and every app you could ever want already on it when you get it. The best part? It stays up-to-date automatically so you don’t have to worry about updating constantly.

If you’re looking for durable laptops, this one has durability combined with convenience.

9MacBook Pro

This one isn’t usually thrown into a “laptops that are durable” article. But we’re going to throw it into this one.

Although the MacBook Pro may not be the most durable in terms of dropping it over and over again or sitting outside in the pouring rain, it is durable in the sense of technical specs and longevity.

The MacBook Pro’s screen display will not disappoint. The bright, crisp colors combined with a large screen are perfect for any graphics you may be looking at on the laptop.

Add that onto a battery that lasts all day, quick processing speeds, and a touch ID bar, the MacBook Pro is ahead of its time.

10HP Probook

The coolest part of the HP Probook is that it isn’t just a durable laptop, but can be a durable tablet if you want it to be.

It has passed a military protection test, which tested its ability to withstand the shock of dropping it and humidity. It’s spill-resistant and has rubber edges to absorb any shock in case of a dropping incident.

The HP Probook is perfect if you want a military-grade laptop with a ton of durability, but want the look of a normal laptop.

Ready for Your New Laptop?

With so many durable laptops to choose from, there has to be at least one that you’ll pick to be yours!

Once you have your new laptop with you, you’ll probably want to learn more about technology and everything you can do with it. Check out our technology section on the blog to learn more tips and tricks!


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