Metro Vein Centers’ Dr. Doyle Provides Pre-surgery Tips


Varicose veins are not only an eyesore, but they are painful, too, once they become swollen and bulging. Getting rid of these unsightly veins becomes the top priority when it affects your ambulatory capabilities and quality of life. Finding the right medical facility, with top notch doctors, is an essential component in finding healing. You have to pick one that you can trust so you can be on the swift road to recovery.

A company like the Metro Vein Centers with presence in five states, namely Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, New York, and New Jersey, can undoubtedly help because they specialize in vein related types of procedures. One of its primary doctors, Thomas Doyle, MD, said that when natural remedies no longer work, then surgical procedures can be the only option to alleviate pain. With 25 years of medical experience, after his double Ivy League education, Dr. Doyle is one of the leading practitioners in this field. He came up with this guideline of steps on what to do before your elective surgery.

Ask Questions

Before even seeing your doctor, it is vital to list down all your questions. This keeps you from forgetting any details when you’re already facing your doctor. No question is too insignificant to ask a healthcare provider so ask as much as you want. You need to understand what the procedure entails so you won’t be surprised when the time comes. Ask for alternatives, if there are any. Inquire why and what makes you a good candidate for the procedure. On top of all that, ask about the procedure’s benefits and its calculated risks. Since it may not be covered by insurance, it is prudent to ask how much you’re expected to pay. You don’t want to be caught unaware and saddle by a large medical expense in an instant.

Enumerate All your Medicines

You have to be honest with your doctor and give him the list of all the medications you are currently taking. Moreover, you also have to provide the names all the natural supplements you are taking. Some of these may have a contraindication with a medicine that may be administered while you’re under surgery. Some medicines given in the operating room can hasten bleeding or it can react with the anesthesia. To illustrate, taking something that counters anesthesia can help you feel pain.

Talk About Blood Thinners

This deserves a special part so that it will stick in your head. Taking blood thinning medication such as aspirin and warfarin can increase your chances of hemorrhage. The latter is uncontrolled and excessive bleeding, and you don’t want this to happen right in the middle of surgery. Listen to your doctor’s advice to ensure that you understand what your doctor wants you to do. In some cases, some medication is stopped a week or two before the actual procedure. You have to speak up as early as the consultation stage so your doctor can make plans. If you come to the vein clinic without following doctor’s advice then your procedure has a high risk of being postponed.

Speak with the Anesthesiologist

So you’ll have confidence with the team of people in handling your care, be sure to request an appointment with the anesthesiologist. Giving anesthetic drugs is not as easy as it seems and it depends on a lot of factors, so you’ll want to make sure that the one working on you is skilled. Ask him about risks and benefits of his chosen anesthetic drug and method, which the latter can range from a local injection, gas, epidural, spinal, and the like.

It is normal to feel nervous when the procedure date is closing in. Make sure you eat healthy, sleep well, and exercise days before the big day. If you have an advance care plan in place, in case anything untoward happens, inform your doctor. The night before the procedure you will be given instructions of what you’re allowed to eat and what specific times; follow it closely. On the day itself, before going to the vein center, take a full bath because you may not be allowed to get wet after surgery. Remove all your piercings and jewelry. You may be nervous, but take comfort in knowing you have tried very hard to prepare for this procedure and that is more than enough.


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